C-400 supply to Turkey


Military transport aviation VKS failed to deliver C-400 to Turkey?

For the delivery of the C-400 to Turkey, they had to hire the EMERCOM of Russia aircraft.

Against the background of deliveries of Russian C-400 “Triumph” missiles to Turkey, this event was not without a fickle situation, in particular, if anti-aircraft missile systems were initially delivered to Turkey by heavy An-124 military transport aircraft, then later, for an unknown reason , I had to use the plane EMERCOM of Russia.

According to the data presented, the Russian military had to use the Yld-400TD plane of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation to deliver the Z-76 air defense missiles to Turkey, which caused a lot of questions for users and specialists as to why other transport aircraft that previously delivered these complexes to Turkey.

Against this background, assumptions were made that the transportation of An-124 airplanes is extremely expensive, while it was also suggested that Turkey could support Ukraine, which demanded to prohibit the An-124 to be operated by Russia.

No official comments on this matter have yet been received, however, as reported by the media, the military transport aviation of Russia has built a real bridge to deliver the C-400 to Turkey.

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