Terminator tank support combat vehicle hit near Kremennaya

The media report on the downed near Kremennaya BMPT "Terminator".

During the fighting in the Kremennaya area, the Terminator tank support combat vehicle was hit for the first time. According to Russian journalists, this is the first known loss of the BMPT "Terminator" since the beginning of its use. At the same time, the published video footage of her fire destruction so far raises a number of questions regarding how exactly she was destroyed.

“The first visually confirmed combat loss of the Terminator BMPT. Now these vehicles support the offensive in the Kremennaya area in the direction of the settlements of Torskoye, Yampolovka and Terny. It is impossible to say with full confidence whether the BMPT was destroyed or whether there was simply a hit in an uninhabited tower, where the Ataka ATGM detonated from the outside.- сообщают journalists of "Military Review" in their "Telegram" channel.

On the presented video frames, you can identify the BMPT "Terminator". The combat vehicle is on the road and, judging by the fluffy left caterpillar, the latter could run into a mine and be immobilized. Here you can also see several impact craters, which could also cause the immobilization of the BMPT.

At the moment, there are no official comments on this matter.


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