Place of wreck of An-148 Moscow region


The search for victims of a plane crash in the suburbs will take several days

In search of victims of a plane crash in the Moscow region may take days and weeks.

Specialists working on the site of the tragedy that occurred last Sunday stated that the victims of the plane crash are scattered over an area of ​​several square kilometers, which makes it difficult to conduct search operations. Most of the detected victims are not identifiable by visual identification, so a genetic analysis will be required to carry out such a procedure.

Experts note that from the impact on the ground, people who were aboard an An-148 passenger airplane, could hardly be dispersed in different directions, which in turn does not exclude the possibility that the aircraft could begin to fall apart as early as in the course of the flight, which is quite could contribute to an explosion on board an airliner, which is currently being considered by specialists.

Seriously complicating the search operation and heavy snowfall, however, in spite of this fact, the work to find the victims of the plane crash lasted all night.