Crash MH370


Showing the last minutes of the flight of the missing 4,5 a year ago Boeing 777

In the United States, the last minutes of the flight of the missing MH370 flight were presented.

An air crash involving a passenger airliner Boeing 777, which disappeared without a trace in March 2014, raises a lot of questions - today there is no evidence that the plane really crashed, because neither the aircraft nor passengers were found. Nevertheless, in the United States demonstrated shots of the last minutes of the flight of a passenger airliner, before he disappeared forever from the radars of dispatchers.

As can be seen in the presented video frames, with the help of computer modeling, animation and real indicators taken from the systems tracking the flight of the aircraft, the aircraft at some point began to sharply lose altitude and fell into the waters of the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately, the long search for the aircraft was not crowned with success, although today an enormous amount has been spent on the search operation.

No less questions are caused by the circumstances of the crash, because at some point the pilot of the aircraft simply stopped contacting, although the aircraft, considering the satellite data, was still in flight for a long time.