Airline reporting


Indicators passenger on domestic airlines fall

"Rosaviatsiya" recorded a drop in the volume of air transportation on local airlines and on flights between Russia and CIS countries.

According to statistics provided on the official website of "Rosaviatsii", the volume of passenger turnover on local airlines this year compared to the same period last year decreased by almost 75 thousand people, which is about 6.4%. The decline in passenger turnover in the transportation of passengers between the CIS countries decreased by more than 600 thousand passengers, which was the relative difference between the current year and the last year at about 4.3%.

Contrary to all, the passenger turnover on international airlines has significantly increased - the increase was 4.4%, and this is about 6 of millions of passengers compared to the same period last year.

In total, from January to November this year, Russian airlines carried almost 225 million passengers, which exceeds last year's figure by 7.8%.