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Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine called the Ukrainian army incapable

Colonel of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Reserve of Ukraine recognized the country's army incompetent.

As follows from the statement of Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (VSU) Svyatoslav Stetsenko, Kiev can fight with Moscow only in words. This recognition of the incapacity of their own army by a military specialist was made on the Ukrainian TV channel NewsOne.

Speaking about the armed forces of the country, Stetsenko expressed the opinion that Ukraine will not even be able to defend its territories. Stock Colonel recalled the statements of Kiev regarding the capture of the Crimea peninsula and the Kerch Strait. He also drew attention to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine for an unknown reason could not oust the Russian military from "the territory of Ukraine."

Stetsenko said that Ukraine is in a state of war for the fifth year. The colonel is sure that this is a long enough period for even very patriotic and gullible people to begin to realize the reality in a different way, not the way the authorities would like. At the same time, Stetsenko recalled how one of the Ukrainian volunteers called for “a compromise” with the Donbas. In his opinion, otherwise Ukraine may simply lose the South-East.

Probably, under the incapacity of the Ukrainian army, the retired colonel also understands the actions of the Ukrainian side, which provoked the incident in the Kerch Strait. Then, on November 25, 2018, three Ukrainian warships entered the historical territorial waters of Russia in the Black Sea. Since there was no reaction to the demands of the Russian border service, the Russian military used force.

The detained Ukrainian sailors admitted that they had participated in the provocation. By the Kiev court of Simferopol, they were arrested until January 25 2019. On the eleventh of January, the Investigation Department of the FSB of the Russian Federation appealed to the Lefortovo Court of Moscow with a request to extend the period of detention until April 26.

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