The most complete failure of the complexes "Patriot" filmed

The utter failure of the American Patriot complexes was videotaped. has at its disposal unique video frames, where you can see how the Iranian military unmanned aerial vehicle performs a lengthy reconnaissance of a strategic object in Saudi Arabia, covered by American Patriot complexes. A fragment of the video shows the fact that the drone was not only not hit by anti-aircraft / anti-missile defenses, but was not even detected, which indicates the disastrous effectiveness of the Patriot complexes.

There is evidence that the Iranian military unmanned aerial vehicle HUD HUD II (has a length of about 2 meters - approx. Ed.) Performed a long (at least 40 minutes - approx. Ed.) Flight over a strategic object located deep in Saudi Arabia. . According to some information, we are talking about a desalination station that supplies water to many cities located in the country.

It is known that the drone carried out exclusively reconnaissance of the situation, however, the fact that the drone could not only overcome the border of Saudi Arabia (drone took off from the territory of Yemen - ed.), But also remained unnoticed for the Patriot systems, indicates the fact that these complexes are unpromising.