Airliner MS-21


Complete failure? Russia will be able to release only six MS-21 aircraft

The project of the Russian passenger aircraft MS-21 may be the most disastrous.

According to reports, the United States refused to deliver components to Russia to create the composite wings of a domestic passenger airliner MC-21, against the background of which, the release of these aircraft could be limited to six copies.

To date, the stock of composite materials used for the production of wings of passenger airliners MC-21 is very limited - it is enough only for the production of 6 aircraft, which makes the production of these aircraft inappropriate.

Experts note that there is a way out of the situation - either domestic scientists will be able to recreate a similar composite material, or they will have to make the transition to composite materials produced in the PRC. However, all this will require additional financial costs, time to check, etc., which, at best, will delay the production of MS-21 aircraft on 2-3.

According to the information provided by the publication, representatives of the Russian corporation Rosatom have not yet commented on the data that has appeared, but because of US sanctions, the project of a promising airliner may turn out to be one of the most failed in the history of the domestic aircraft industry.

5-7 yo oh !!!!

Of course, a solution will be found (the options are already there, the new sanctions were not unexpected). But this is the delay in serial production of years on the 5-7, and this is exactly what Boeing and Airbus need.


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