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Half of US military expects war with Russia in 2018

In the US, preparing for war with Russia.

A survey conducted by the American edition of the Military Times showed that the US military is actively preparing for war with Russia. According to research, 46% of the US military said that they were ready for a military conflict with Russia already in 2018, although a year ago, only 5% of US military believed in a real military conflict between two world powers.

Such trends point to the fact that the situation in relations between Russia and the United States is rapidly heating up, and against the backdrop of how US National Security Advisor to the US President John Bolton declared his readiness to withdraw from the Treaty on Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles, as well as to suspend Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

Experts, in turn, stated that the likelihood of a military conflict between Russia and the United States remains extremely low, due to the lack of superiority of one side over the other.

“Russia and the United States are approximately at the same level in the development of military technologies, which is unlikely to lead to a military conflict between the two states. In fact, any random factors may contribute to this, but in the foreseeable future, no real military action should be expected. ”, - the expert notes.

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