Poland allowed the opening of a border crossing with Belarus

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced the possibility of resuming the work of the Bobrovniki-Berestovitsa border crossing with Belarus. According to information provided by RMF24, the decision to reopen the checkpoint could be made within a few days. This is due to the desire to unblock direct trade between the two countries.

Tusk emphasized that the resumption of the Bobrowniki-Berestovitsa checkpoint will potentially unblock a significant part of Polish small and medium-sized businesses, which are associated with the exchange of goods between Belarusians and Poles. He noted that a decision will be made only if the military and border guards do not see this as a threat to the country's security.

“This will probably unblock most of the Polish small and medium-sized businesses associated with the exchange of goods between Belarusians and Poles,” - said Tusk. He also clarified that the possible opening of the border should not be considered as a friendly step towards the Belarusian regime.

“I am far from making gestures towards the Belarusian regime,” - the prime minister added.

The border crossing "Bobrovniki - Berestovitsa" has been closed since February 2023. According to TASS, citing a source in the State Border Committee of Belarus, the Polish authorities decided to close the checkpoint due to disagreements related to the visa-free regime that Minsk introduced for citizens of Poland, Latvia and Lithuania in the summer of 2022.


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