Poland intends to mine the border with Belarus and Russia


Poland intends to mine the border with Belarus and Russia

Polish authorities announced a large-scale project “Eastern Shield”, aimed at strengthening the country’s defensive lines along the border with Russia and Belarus. As part of this initiative, it is planned to create anti-tank ditches, minefields and install reinforced concrete anti-tank hedgehogs. This was announced by the Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army, General Wieslaw Kukula, presenting the project.

General Kukula emphasized that these measures are aimed at strengthening defenses and creating obstacles to a possible invasion.

“Pay attention to the anti-tank ditches, reinforced concrete hedgehogs, as well as to the places that we prepare in advance for the placement of minefields. We envisage the creation of such stripes", said the Polish general.

He noted that minefields would only be mined if there was “absolute confidence that war is inevitable.”

However, the general did not specify which mines were planned to be used, which leaves the question of the types of mines and their characteristics open. It is only known that the project is aimed at increasing the readiness of Polish troops to repel possible aggression from Russia and Belarus.


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