Poland calls for strikes against Russia


Poland calls for strikes against Russia

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski stated the need for urgent rearmament of Europe. According to the head of the Polish diplomatic department, if Russia uses nuclear weapons during the Ukrainian conflict, the United States will be able to strike Russian positions.

Sikorsky also called for strikes on Russian territory with Western weapons, identifying Rostov-on-Don as a priority target. He emphasized that this city is a key political and military center of Russia. The Polish minister noted that it is time for the West to stop being afraid of using long-range missiles to attack Russian cities.

The minister emphasized that European states currently need millions of artillery ammunition. According to him, it is necessary to establish their production, which will require reformatting the European military industry, which is not yet capable of producing ammunition in such significant quantities.

Thus, Radoslaw Sikorski's calls for attacks on Russian cities highlight the need for Russia to take urgent action, since we are talking about a direct threat posed by NATO.


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