Su-57 fighters


The flight of the Russian Su-57, from a distance of several meters, hit the video

The flight of Russian Su-57 fighters was removed from the ramp of the An-12 military transport aircraft.

The TV channel Zvezda published unique footage of the flight of a pair of Russian Su-57 fighters, and on the presented video frames you can see not only the technical capabilities of the newest Russian fighter, but also consider the combat aircraft itself, which is in flight, from only a few meters away.

According to experts, the arguments of American and Western experts that the Russian Su-57 fighter is not a fifth-generation aircraft are erroneous, since this Russian fighter fully meets the established requirements with its parameters, and besides, advanced Russian combat aircraft are certainly superior in battle American F-35 and F-22.

The Su-57 combat fighters were controlled by highly skilled specialists, Major General Radik Bariev and test pilot Sergei Bogdan, who demonstrated confidence while being at the controls of these aircraft.

It should be recalled that the Russian Su-57 fighters underwent a whole series of flight and combat tests on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, and already at the beginning of the next decade, at least 12 aircraft of this model will appear on the aircraft of the Russian Federation.