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Flights to Crimea will be carried out from 50 cities of Russia

Flights to the Crimea will be available to most Russians.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, responding on the eve of the questions of residents of the Russian Federation, mentioned that in the near future almost every Russian will be able to fly to the Crimean resorts, since the flights will be carried out from 50 cities of the country. The Russian president also mentioned that the prices for air tickets to Crimea will not exceed the cost of 7.5 thousand rubles, which is a whole order lower than the current ones.

It is assumed that, together with a decrease in air ticket prices, the frequency of flights will also increase, which will attract more passengers than previously planned.

Will there be a reduction in prices and \ b? In 2014 year also promised an inexpensive flight. Example: ECX-Simferopol-ECX (July-August) on 2-2 children's vzr.i., Though a direct flight, though h-s Moscow - 120.000 (!). I looked a / b in Bangkok October 86.000 + 20.000 accommodation for a month. Hi Dmitry Medvedev and his ilk ministers!