Shock Drone


Pompeo threatens the elimination of Russian generals under the scenario of the destruction of the Iranian general

The US Secretary of State threatened Russia with an Iranian scenario.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unexpectedly began to threaten Russia with attacks carried out under the scenario of the elimination of Iranian General Kassem Suleimani, declaring Washington's readiness to take such steps.

According to Mike Pompeo, the destruction of Suleimani is a new US strategy to deter its opponents, and this applies not only to Iran, but also to Russia, which indicates not just a warning, but a willingness to attack the Russian military, and, possibly, senior officials countries.

"US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday that Kassem Suleimani was killed as part of a broader strategy to contain the challenges of American opponents, which also applies to China and Russia."- reports "Reuters".

As for the words of Pompeo, he noted that at the moment the United States uses the principle of a strong position against Iran, however, he emphasized that this will apply to all enemies, obviously it concerns potential opponents, the United States.

“America now enjoys the strongest stance on Iran that we have ever been to. The importance of deterrence is not limited to Iran. In all cases, we must restrain our enemies in order to protect freedom. That’s the whole point of President Trump’s work to make our army the strongest it has ever been. ”- said US State Secretary.

Russia has already responded to Pompeo’s statement, stressing that such statements are unacceptable, and such things will not work with Russia.

“Let Pompeo hang a list of threats on his chest and walk with him around the State Department. This is not a serious conversation, such things do not work with Russia. The destruction of the Russian high-ranking military in Russia or abroad is obviously fraught with the onset of a conflict between the nuclear powers. Washington definitely will not do that. ”- quotes the words of Igor Korotchenko edition "Look».

It is necessary to warn the United States when attacking the Russian military, the first to be destroyed is Pompeo. Better yet, destroy homes in the US, first the Pentagon, then Congress, then down the list.

Oh, what a commotion in the chicken coop! Roosters roam menacingly shaking scallops, and the hens release their ovipositories in an emergency ...

Who do you call the first persons of our state? This is our king and his entourage you call the first persons? With such first persons, the people have long become serfs!

As your great "commander" Rogozin admitted, 4 hours after the start of the military conflict between Russia and NATO, the Russian army will cease to exist ... He, however, did not add that America would not suffer ... the United States and Russia are like an elephant and a Moska. .. The United States has long closed the impenetrable missile defense dome, through which no missile can penetrate, which Russia does not have, it doesn’t even have satellites for early warning of the launch of an ICBM in America ... continuous ignoramuses are commenting on this matter ... don’t even twitch fight with NATO-it will be a Russian star

A joke, a joke, but the words of this bandit should be heeded. And not only to listen, but also to destroy it soon, since it directly threatens the life of the first persons of our state.

The rank of cadet is the same for all, only the distribution to the place of further service depends on daddy, and sometimes on mummy in the general's family.

Pompeo is not rushing words, they can’t wait to start a war .. They will still be bombed by the United States or not; Pompeo with Trump and other servants will be far from the epicenter.

Ours will not strike back, the children of our politicians, officials, everyone lives abroad, so ours will turn around and not hit. I think that the amers are well aware of this, and they will kill our generals, or ministers, amers can.

The diagnosis of "idiot"

"Russia has already responded to Pompeo’s statement, stressing that such statements are unacceptable and that such things will not work with Russia."
Well, who does it react so weakly to outright gangster statements? Where are our sharp word bison? “Unacceptable” are statements that Russia is aggressive and the like, because no reason. And to a similar statement by Pompeo, I would answer: “Well, finally, a frank admission of who is the aggressor and who is aggressive. You can quote Pompeo in all types and types of media as an argument that there is actually the United States without fear of accusations in fake. "

and the Chinese know how to fight? The army is there but no experience.


And what, then do you have to endure their tricks? Remember your childhood and youth. If you were hit and you did not answer, then everyone shuts up

Marshal Shoigu grew out of six in the Tuva regional committee, and General Serdyukov grew out of the director of a furniture store
something in you in Russia one lie about history and about generals and about America

Russia also has the same opportunities to destroy high-ranking terrorists in the United States. Why not apply them to individuals threatening our generals or, so far, one person at a time.

Generals, respected or not, grow up among generals. Which in turn grow either with the generals, or with the decree of the President.

Pompeo could not say such nonsense. it was the Russians who probably dreamed so that America would remove the infamous shoigu and that low-faced degeneral Gerasimov from TV screens. so don’t even dream - as you crawled on your knees in front of your bars and leaders with godfathers - you’ll continue to crawl. America doesn’t care about your elections without a choice or about your codlocratic system

I will only be FOR. Contractors are parasites and servants of the Russian bureaucratic apparatus. We still pay taxes on their content. In general, the whole of Russia should be demolished by a hairdryer

Clever! I agree!

Pompeo has already looked for a place in the cemetery and wrote a will ?!

I feel sorry for you and bullets ..
To drown you in a toilet is the most.

Or maybe Bashirova and Petrov meet with a newcomer

There are game rules between SERIOUS players.
If Pompeo does not know this, then let him explain. otherwise, he himself may become a victim of a retaliatory operation.

Looks like in "Pindos" Durk again another escape or open day. Pompeo heads.


Pompey has long been known as an ordinary clinical idiot ... Why duplicate the words of a sick bastard?

You can’t say better

But isn't it time for Pompeo and his comrades to put a mine with a clockwork?


Is this a declaration of war?

Pompeo was poisoned by the Fool gas ...
Call the paramedic!

It seems not very old, but insanity. Maybe a moron from birth?

There is always a choice. To die standing or live on your knees.

alexander rights pindos time to put in place

No, it won’t work out.
Amerikosov have all planes and drones rear-wheel drive and therefore fly backwards - that would be easier to retreat.

Everyone said for sure.

So, it's time to start designing a specialized drone, or a micro-nuclear charge specifically for the task !!!

Gas "Starichok" no one has canceled!

HaHatababa's heart attack happened ... from an unrighteous lifestyle ....

We, unlike Iran, will not warn about missile attacks in advance. And the last day of Pompeo will come ...

You did not serve in the army. Otherwise you would have known that the generals are growing out of soldiers (cadets). And if you do not mind our generals, then you are the last Pindos bastard ...

So what?! Will the Russian army be worse after that?
That's where the dog was buried ...

It does not happen


Not a husband, but a coward

Let them try, and then discuss. Pampeo is not eternal himself. He can stumble along the way home and die from heart failure. Remember how Khattab died unexpectedly.

Everything is in a heap of truth, lies, fiction, you look and ride, that's why you will be piled-goebels and do not like

Truly a fool riches Dumka

Dear! You can talk a lot about this, but if you think carefully about who the United States is - a gathering of descendants of thieves who fled to America and others from justice and want easy money, they are used to oppressing slaves and exterminating the Indians, taking away strangers and robbing by any means, this is a country of not frightened idiots by war , they are used to imposing their Wishlist with impunity on everyone, and Pompeo, a descendant of these idiots and foolishly can do disgusting things alas, everyone today is not their game. The South and the North will shoot the whole planet badly, they will not be from Winchesters on the prairie. Probably the time has come for the consolidation of the world community to put these idiots in their place by their own methods. And in relation to China, it is not necessary to build an illusion; they are always with those and as long as it is beneficial for them - look back at the story. Our military is not so stupid that they are silent, to escalate an already red-hot situation is utopia. The dog barks, and the caravan moves on - the world order is rapidly changing and, alas, not in favor of the USA and its minions! So they are hysterical.

then the generals will remain intact with us, but only scraps will remain of you.

and he does not think that Russia can also destroy American leaders. the impression as if it was not the Secretary of State, but a complete idiot. and how to negotiate with this idiot now.

And why should we think about all of the above? Let those who are the first to think.

Yes, they similarly killed our ambassador in Turkey.
Stalin basically sat at home, and how many enemy sorties were prevented.
Keep the gunpowder dry

We have already under mortar fire a general in Syria died, and that Pompeo !!! I would immediately take the blame !? Zassal, while only threats !!! Let him try, if such a statement is made, after the assassination of any general, Washington should tighten up its rolls, so that by chance not to be a train involved, any US Army intelligence colonel is a general position!

It's time.

In vain you all think that this is only rhetoric ... Why do you think that only SO they can "clean up". And if someone bribed from the guard (or zombie) from the negotiating parties will undermine the ordered? and BECAUSE NO ONE WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY ... THINK, THREATS ARE NOT GROUND. NEED TO BE READY FOR EVERYTHING

.. the destruction of the Russian convoy never happened, but an air strike was carried out on militants from Wagner’s PMC, it’s not Russian military personnel, but hired specialists, and this is a completely different story, and then only a few people died, and not the COLUMN for sure, do not listen to couch patriots ...!

The drone would be shot down

There are some, but don’t touch the military, you’ll get a tambourine

You can cast out anyway in connection with the statement of the American Minister. But there is only righteous action. To make an indication in the country's defensive conception: any encroachment on a Russian general or high-ranking official in the Iranian, Yugoslavian or other scenario means declaring war on Russia and an immediate military response by all means, not excluding nuclear ones.

All such reviews, yes we have them, it’s time for a long time, you’re talking about people, you yourself understand what might happen, you don’t think that you, your children and grandchildren will die, or anything. But the main thing is to take revenge, in blind fury and what's next, the end of life on earth, remember Japan, how many died and burned up instantly, how many died in serious illnesses, and there, by today's standards, the power was ridiculous.

so do not lean out, read silently

Although someone will give these morons a tambourine, they are already tired of listening to their nonsense.

I recall the destruction of our aircraft in Syria by Israel, the destruction of our aircraft by Turkey, the destruction of air defense along with Russian instructors on the same topic for the Israelis, the destruction of a column of Russian military along with equipment from wagner’s PMCs, other cases ... And what? A deep concern was expressed ... I think a very deep concern will be expressed, perhaps the deepest .. the ambassador will be sent maximum

We still forgive everything and everyone. In Syria, they also declared “we’re not forgiven” and all that for shot down planes, but for now, just talking “with Russia such things will not work”, that’s all! And this somehow smells of weakness and the Yankees see it. They will now fear Iran more than Russia.

After this, the rest of his days will have to sit in a bomb shelter

There is no need to go anywhere. And there will be a whole generalka of the Russian Federation.

That's what "crap" brings to

With Putin, such "jokes" will not work. Chechnya, South Ossetia, Crimea, what do pendoses still want to lose?

You answered very well

When you see some stupid news, there is no doubt, again this "yellow-bellied" AVIA-Pro somewhere copied another libel!

Apparently the paint on the walls in the White House at the pendos is toxic. It doesn’t grow strong. Squirrel in the darkness covers the sky

Our snickering generals are not sorry. Destroy, no one will cry. The main thing is that the soldiers do not suffer.

USA is a terrorist state

Well done Iranians fought back. Russia will not be able to

The moron is dreaming! Russia is not Iran, as Zhirinovsky promised, if that continent covers the nuclear tsunami ....

Pompeo is a statesman. And the United States will try to disown his words. But Russia needs to react very harshly. Up to a similar, similar step,. And bring underwater missile carriers to the shores of America, clearly showing that such, jokes, ,

Maybe send to his drone?

Fool Pompeo. Russia is not Iran, and if it responds with missiles, no refuge will save.



Too shy to ask, Russian generals threatened to destroy Pompeo state. US Secretary. it is minindel S. Lavrov or higher in rank. From our side, someone Korotchenko preaches him, the status of a journalist, that is, 0 without a wand. Che was not asked. Our minindel and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are silent as fish at a direct threat. They lost that voice.

Here it really is: "The Last Day of Pompeii" looks very much like "The Last Day of Pompeo ..."

And so if these "champions of fools" defeated the Second World War and America compared to the Russians are simply amoeba.

Putin! You're too slow? What are you waiting for?
And why is this fucking Pindos Pompeo still alive ???

Buy more than a dollar

Do it right.

... if only the “point” did not disappoint, like Gorbach’s (with Rust). And in the Kremlin there is something to think about: the pendos ended the Iranian general yesterday, tomorrow they (threaten) the Russian, and the day after tomorrow they get to the guarantor.

And if it is so liquidated? He didn’t think?

No one pulled his tongue - let him now walk and look around.

Russians are champions of fools.

I’ll tell you more, this country generally slows down the entire civilization of the earth, plundering Africa and other continents for minerals, all of our weapons are also by their grace, taking so many resources of the country. If you simplify, it’s only better to take its foreign policy under international control , the whole Ball suffers from it.

Fools everywhere and always had enough, but the United States is one of the few countries where these fools occupy such high posts. After all, Trump is not far from this idiot.

Looks like a fat man is a complete fool. Russia is not Iran, after such a strike, I believe not only the carriers will turn into scrap metal, but also the bases to which the means of attack were attributed will turn into a lunar landscape.

In no case should this be allowed. just an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth! True, they will have another 150 million.

Pompeo settles. Soon he will be eliminated.

Pompeo, a complete idiot, does not understand. that we not only generals, but also the USA can destroy. Poor America, then semi-literate presidents, then mentally retarded Secretary of State. then the generals who want to place the US base in the Crimea, then the Monica tabletop in the oval office, a special chic in the location of the brothel. It flies itself and after such a statement our generals will try to get ahead of the moron and he will have the fate of an Iranian general. By the way, the Iranians have already answered and not badly. but this is not the end, that's when Pompeo banged, it was he who persuaded Trump for half a year and how the sucker was led to persuade the idiot. Apparently the genes of the ancestors of Pompeo. and this is guaranteed, the robbers played a role. All the rabble from the Old World moved there. that’s the mentality of bandits and robbers, and they claim that they are supporters of justice and the law.

Mead should not support this kind of srach. It goes without saying that the answer will be symmetrical.

With Russia, these things have already passed. Several senior officers of the Russian Federation were beaten killed in Syria. Written off on a successful well-aimed hit mines of terrorists. but mortars do not have such accuracy. Most likely it was an American killer drone. A mortar bombardment was conducted to mask the drone’s strike.

Even if they destroy some general, what can Russia answer? The traditional "deep concern"? Squeals about the inadmissibility of this? An angry tweet? Here China will answer, but the Russian Federation, as usual, no. Impotent ...

Speak correctly Roman

This man is crazy!

Skripals were generally poisoned with buckwheat =)

The United States will never dare to take these or other steps. Hands are short and not enough. The American army is a bunch of sissies and mother's sons

the western establishment is degrading so fast that soon the leaves will begin to grow on them. Quite crazy, halfwit. The Iranians are still these cowardly, shot at empty barracks. They accustom impunity.

Pompeo flew off the coils? What do they all have with brains?

"Gingerbread Man" Pompeo should know the history of our country in a similar part ... - so what masters do we have in terms of watering our enemies PERSONALLY! .... There should be no doubt at all!

Or maybe this jerk slam just in case, for his bazaar is cheap. This will give them respect, these Yankees are used to talking with tribes, so these dogs need to be shown their place.

Why did not the Russian government respond to this defiant statement by Pompeo?

Each Pompeo has its own Vesuvius! ....

not usa and aliens usa but freemasons

The sledgehammer has not grown.

yankees jackals the creation of satan we must also deal with them in one place if we can catch up with cowards

Technology cheating, hanging noodles, and if not acting, then threats. They can jump but not at all.

worry about yourself

Precisely, suggestive.

this is probably a pompeo joke! soon neither he nor Trump will be in the White House, these clowns got it.

this m $ # $ # $ still threatens us, the first one will be destroyed - if he twitches - when such words are heard from the lips of a senior official - there should be a tough reaction from our Ministry of Foreign Affairs - to call the ambassador and hand him such a paper - that later - before you blurt out your the language - should think well - should also be followed by a tough reaction from the MO - today the United States is the main terrorist in the world ----------

When the bough of an American volcano swallows you

dialogue with America is only useless with a sledgehammer in the forehead. And it’s not for nothing to shake your nerves .. and it will become easier to live!

I do not understand how this country is one of the leading in the world and at the same time there are such moronic elites as this Pompeo and the like! He even looks like a mentally ill person.

I remember at one time, we studied ancient history, and so Pompeo is very consonant with the name of the city buried under a layer of ash, Pompeii, if my memory serves me right, you will not be led to certain associations.

A double edged sword. We also know how to eliminate enemies. Remember General Dudaev.

But is Pompeo not afraid that he is Pompeo?

Why is Pompeo still alive?

America MUST be destroyed like Carthage if you heard about it. USA is a universal evil

The killing of at least one high-ranking official of any country is, in fact, equal to the declaration of war on this country, the country that has recognized this murder, with all the consequences arising from this fact.

The last words of Pompeii !!

What do you want Russia to start a nuclear war? Yes, you're a moron and an empty brehlo who does not understand that he is breaching. Do not hell to compare your Pucland with Russia! Khalil, b .... hit

As we know, the Americans write one thing, read the other, and most importantly do the opposite. They think that all idiots are around them. And this is x the main trouble.

So from Pompeo will remain zilch in this case.

there is such a word * impunity *

I do not know how those in power relate to this. In fact, all the US tricks harmful to Russia remained unanswered. Only patriotic words about the adequacy of the response to sanctions, etc. You just need to remind people like Pompeo that there is always the opportunity and likelihood to remove people like him at the hands of the Americans themselves. And all this is not so difficult.

A typical Pindos approach, which Pindos actually count on by probing the soil with such statements. Means and methods will be found so much that it doesn’t seem enough ...

It may well be Russia delivering precision weapons to US adversaries. To destroy the Americanos warriors and their bases ...

Pompeo survived completely out of his mind. Do they even have sane politicians there?

This once again confirms that the USA is the main terrorist on the planet!

Balaboly. We have at least something answered until today .. Vein is weak.

Stupid, Little Stupid ......

I wonder how the State Department would react if Lavrov said something like that?

Korotchenko’s statement is serious !!!

There is no KGB, but people stayed, so you need to remember this to everyone else.

Suppose the United States kills some of our top officials, what can we do in return? Unleash military operations against them that are likely to go into nuclear war? Then millions will die for one of our and American citizens, which is not right from the point of view of the mind.

The apparent degradation of the elites. Asylum has been crying for a long time. In principle, yusa has long been a global cancerous tumor requiring sanation by burning.

Maybe you like this point of view, but if it corresponded to reality, then the Russian Federation would cease to exist long ago. The states know what they will get in the face precisely with nuclear weapons in case of conflict - and ONLY for this reason they will not attack us ...

Correct words. I talk about this all the time and write about it.

Maybe Pompeo canceled during his next visit to the Middle East, I think even the Americans will feel better about it. The most cowardly always yells the most, and the hiding behind the backs of others

When he finds it will be too late.

Apparently it’s not at all scary if something falls to the Pentagon!

Excuse me, gentlemen, the Americans; Can I call your Pompeo one on one in a manly way and speak Russian? otherwise it’s already for .... but to read these nonsense from these pretzels !!! maybe he agrees to answer for the bazaar or will he sit at his place and spit?


Best in the world of aviation