Poroshenko rockets Oskol


Poroshenko boasted supersonic Ukrainian missiles

Piotr Poroshenko boasted the appearance of supersonic missiles in service with the Ukrainian Air Force.

According to the information provided, the Ukrainian president praised the introduction of the supersonic unguided missiles RS-80 Oskol, which are designed to defeat enemy armored vehicles and fortification reinforcements, which significantly strengthens the country's military potential.

It is known that in the tests of Ukrainian supersonic missiles RS-80 "Oskol" a front-line bomber Su-24M was involved, while test launches were performed in various weather conditions and in all modes of flight. According to Petro Poroshenko, Ukrainian supersonic missiles have fully justified their purpose and declared characteristics.

Experts in turn reacted to the statement of the Ukrainian leader much more skeptically, noting that for today, Ukraine has only one front-line bomber Su-24M, therefore, there is no need to speak about any significant strengthening of the Ukrainian Air Force.

It should be clarified that for today Ukraine pays great attention to the development and creation of new weapons, and the supersonic missile RS-80 "Oskol" is a typical example.