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Poroshenko told about the Russian air strikes in Ukraine

Poroshenko said about the attacks of the Russian military aircraft.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko told in his Facebook account that Russia, using its means of combat aviation, regularly attacks the Ukrainian territory. According to the leader of Ukraine, it is precisely with this that the need for a NATO military presence on the territory of the country is related, as well as the importance of ongoing military exercises, which allow the Ukrainian military to be prepared for any Russian aggression.

“Doctrines are needed in order to show that the price for Russia, which uses the air force to attack Ukraine, will be very high. We fight for freedom, we fight for democracy. We very much appreciate the solid and reliable position that our American partners and NATO partners demonstrate. ”, - the president of Ukraine noted.

It should be clarified that despite the loud statement, in fact, the Ukrainian leader stressed that Russia attacked Ukraine and is in a state of war with her, Petro Poroshenko did not give any evidence of his words, which, according to analysts, only testifies to the provocativeness of the statement.

It should be noted that this year Ukraine regularly conducts military maneuvers, moreover involving not only its own forces, but also NATO.

Over the past year, tensions in political relations between Russia and Ukraine have increased significantly, which is mostly Ukraine’s cause, since it is this country that makes various provocations against Russia, regularly making harsh statements.

What are the provocations from Ukraine? If the fighting on its territory using weapons from the Russian Federation

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