After the announcement of partial mobilization, up to a million citizens left Russia

Up to a million Russian citizens left the country after the announcement of partial mobilization in the country.

After the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia, approximately 0,7% of the population of the Russian Federation left the country. Exact data on the citizens of the country who left Russia has not yet been given, however, according to State Duma deputy Dmitry Gusev, this number is about one million people.

Initially, it was assumed that the number of citizens of the Russian Federation who left the country was much smaller - in the range of 150-200 thousand people, however, the numbers turned out to be much larger.

According to Gusev, citizens who left the territory of Russia should not be abandoned - they should be forgiven and all measures should be taken to ensure that they return.

“After the announcement of mobilization, up to 1 million people left. Those who were afraid of mobilization. These people, koloboks, must be returned. They must be forgiven, no action taken, and given the opportunity to return. We have 15 million hectares of uncultivated agricultural land. We must give these people the opportunity to cultivate this land for free. Parties have a similar initiative. But such issues need to be resolved jointly.”Gusev said.

So far, the situation with citizens who have left Russia remains very difficult, since some politicians are proposing to take measures against citizens who have left, including depriving the latter of their property remaining in Russia.


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