A pilot who had quarreled with his wife rammed the apartment building with an airplane. Video

A pilot who had quarreled with his wife rammed his house by plane.

After a quarrel with his wife, the pilot decided to kill her. He boarded the plane and crashed into his own house. The incident was reported portal "The Citizen".

Events unfolded near the capital city of Gaborona. The quarrel between the spouses occurred at a party that was staged as a little child. According to the guests, the man was very rude to his wife. Unable to bear it, the guests invited him to leave the house.

Some time passed, and the man called a friend, asking where his wife was now. Felt something unusual friend suggested everyone to leave the house. Soon the plane crashed into the structure, which is represented on the made video frames.

Since the house was already empty, there were no injuries other than its owner. He died on the spot. After the collision, a fire began. Fire damaged eleven cars.