Airstrikes VCS Syria


Russia's permanent representative to the UN: militants holding Idlib will be destroyed

VKS will bomb Idlib if Turkey does not fulfill the promise.

Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Basil Nebenzia, said that the West was trying to arrange a distracting maneuver, referring to the humanitarian disaster in Idlib, against the background of the forthcoming offensive by the Syrian government troops. It follows from the statement that if the armed opposition, militants and terrorists refuse to fulfill the set conditions, and Turkey does not fulfill its promises, then the bombing of Idlib will continue.

"When Idlib returns to Syria under the omophorion of Damascus, Syria will be liberated from the largest centers of terrorist presence. What then will remain in Syria? North-east, where the American troops are illegally stationed. There will be nothing to discuss except this. Therefore Idlib, if you like, is such a distracting maneuver from what is happening in other parts of Syria ", - said Vasily Nebenzia.

Earlier it was reported that Syrian government troops are preparing to attack Idlib despite the agreements on this issue between Russia and Turkey, since the militants in Idlib refuse to give up heavy weapons, and in case of any aggression of militants against the Russian military, in This also applies to attacks on the airbase "Khmeimim", massive bombardments will be resumed immediately.

"Do not take prisoners" - golden words!