Myanmar rebels seize army fortified position on border with Thailand

On Thursday, ethnic rebels and armed forces opposed to Myanmar's military government made a significant breakthrough, capturing the last government stronghold in Myawaddy district in Karen state, which borders Thailand. The move was a major success for the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), the main ethnic armed group active in the region. The incident was reported by a KNLA command spokesman during a briefing broadcast by the Thai network television channel The Reporters.

The commander of the tactical group, Colonel Nedathu, spoke in detail about the progress of the operation. Tactical Group Cobra Column, part of the KNLA's 10th Division, launched an assault on the evening of April 11 and by the morning of April 275 was in full control of Camp XNUMX, which had previously been in the hands of the Myanmar State Administrative Council (military government). According to Nedathu, approximately two hundred government troops managed to leave the camp and organize a retreat into Thai territory, with the goal of subsequently moving to the Thai city of Mesot.


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