Raising the price of air travel. Pumping money from passengers or catastrophic need?


Raising the price of air travel. Pumping money from passengers or catastrophic need?

Raising the price of air travel. Pumping money from passengers or catastrophic need?


Not so long ago it became known that at the beginning of next year, airlines will be forced to increase the cost of tickets for their services. Such a statement has caused massive controversy in the Internet environment, with have found that not only enemies, but also supporters.

As is well known, to date, the Russian economy is experiencing very great difficulty, and it all definitely transmitted and local carriers. It is clear that in the course of international flights, airlines have to pay for airport services in foreign currency, with the same applies to air carriers that take the aircraft leasing and somehow use the services of contractors.



In turn, airlines profit is measured solely airfare in Russian rubles, and the difference between the actual value of the Russian ruble and foreign currency increases every day that does not affect the cost of the flight, as it remains the same. Thus, because the rate of the Russian ruble against foreign currencies, fell more than twice the profit carriers decreased by the same amount, which in some cases turns for flights shedule inevitable losses and debt "pits".


aviation fuel


Nevertheless, despite the fact that oil around the world began a sharp fall in price rapidly, aviation fuel is affected somewhat differently - in fact, it only becomes more expensive, but it is an additional item in the statement of the airlines. Currently, the price of aviation fuel are starting to go up sharply in connection with what is happening, and the price adjustment.



The most effective option in this case is the use of modern aircraft, the flights on which burn much less fuel, but in Russia such aircraft at the moment is not, and with all the confidence we can say that this item touches absolutely all carriers.


The rise in prices. Negative realities


Rising prices for air transportation will inevitably lead to a decrease in demand for air tickets, and as a result, this could result in very appreciable losses for airlines. The lowest problems for passengers are promised by domestic air transportation. According to some assumptions, the cost of air tickets on domestic flights should not exceed 10-12%, however, as for international air transportation, the prices are likely to rise by 18-20%, which will put a number of air carriers in a very difficult Position, since it equates flights on domestic companies' planes, to flights on aircraft of foreign air carriers.



The main negative aspect of all this is that for a number of Russian airlines passenger loss can be tantamount to the recognition in the bankruptcy, and even now already exists about the strong difficulties in the implementation of its activities a number of domestic carriers. Such actions can partially destroy the sphere of civil aviation in Russia, however, should immediately stipulate that the complete destruction of the sector will not happen under any circumstances.

In addition, there are also followers of the fact that the price of air tickets should be increased, with an explanation for this is quite reasonable. In that case, if due to price increases air can keep a number of reliable airlines, it will not disrupt air traffic between many regions, and is known to every crisis eventually ends, resulting in a return to earlier price levels.

In any case, it is the next year that will be decisive for a number of Russian air carriers, and in all likelihood, if no way out is found, Russia may lose a number of its best air operators, including those in the list of the largest in the world.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for Avia.pro


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