Aircraft IL-20


There are details about the flights of Russian IL-20 over Syria

The reasons for the appearance of Russian IL-20 over the provinces of Idlib and Hama are named.

Previously resource already reported flights of the Russian aircraft electronic intelligence IL-20 in the airspace of the Syrian province of Idlib. The low altitude caused a lot of questions from specialists, since this plane was completely vulnerable to attack by militants and terrorists, armed with which are not only mobile anti-aircraft installations, but also portable anti-aircraft missile systems. Nevertheless, the Syrian military explained the circumstances of the appearance of Russian IL-20 over the provinces of Idlib and Hama.

According to the Lebanese edition of Al Masdar News, citing information from a source in the Syrian Armed Forces, the renewed attacks of militants and terrorists on Syrian soldiers, in particular, have only recently been killed in the IL-20 intelligence aircraft. dozens of Syrian military. Moreover, it is also important that the Turkish side refused to patrol the territory of Idlib province together with the Russian military, stressing that it does not vouch for the security of servicemen, although security is one of the points of the agreement concluded between Russia and Turkey on Idlib.

Analysts do not exclude that in the near future Russia and Syria will resume the offensive operation on Idlib.

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