"Call the Russians": in Iraq they offer to give the American military bases to Russia

In Iraq, they offer to transfer the American military bases to Russia.

The US refusal to leave military bases on the territory of Iraq forces Baghdad to take radical measures - to transfer all existing US military bases to Russia, which will force the United States to leave on its own, and not be under constant control of the Russian military and air defense systems.

Similar proposals were made by users of the Middle East publication after the United States of America refused to withdraw its troops from Iraq and proposed a plan for the construction of at least three more military facilities on the territory of the Middle East state.

“You need to call the Russians. Moscow will be interested in expanding its influence in the Middle East, and Russia is our ally. We’ll just hand over the American bases to the Russians and Trump himself will want to leave Iraq - this is better than when the US Air Force planes are under the sights of Russian air defense, and any movements of American convoys will be blocked ”- notes one of the commentators.

Experts, in turn, do not share this opinion, believing that Moscow will not conflict with the United States in order to gain access to Iraq.

“Russia has a huge influence in Syria, but not in Iraq. Obviously, Moscow will not want to conflict with Washington, as this will create very serious tension. Nevertheless, Iraq may well allocate territory to Russia for the creation of its own military base. ”, - the expert notes.

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For starters, Iraq needs to get its $ 35 billion worth of oil revenue out of US control, which employees can freeze at any time. It’s hard to knock out when you are held for such a sensitive place.

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