Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu promised to occupy Jordan

Israel has openly announced the imminent occupation of Jordan.

Just a few hours ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talked about “millions of Jews killed by the Nazis,” when, unexpectedly, the Israeli prime minister suddenly openly announced Tel Aviv’s intentions to occupy the territory of neighboring states in the very near future.

Netanyahu does not hide his intentions to invade the territory of a foreign country, openly demonstrating aggressive intentions against neighboring states, as was already the case with Syria and Palestine.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a Likud conference Tuesday evening that“ we are annexing the Jordan Valley (including part of Jordan’s territory - ed.) Without asking permission from [the Arab-Israeli Parliament] Ahmad Tibi, ”and then added that he is also annexing the West Bank. Netanyahu added that in these March elections, “Likudniks will vote in droves”, referring to the previous statement he made before the 2015 elections, that Arabs were going to vote in droves ”- сообщает The Jerusalem Post.

Experts say that such unconditional statements by Israel indicate the fact that, in the end, the whole Middle East can again take up arms against Israel.

“Just a few weeks ago, Netanyahu frankly cried, fearing that Iranian ballistic missiles would not smash Israeli cities, however, after the conflict subsided, Tel Aviv began to wave its fists, not only against Palestine, but also against Jordan itself”, - the expert notes.

(including part of the territory of Jordan - approx. ed.)

Well, such nonsense does not even need comment, and you, moreover, carried it out into the title of the article. Moreover, those who read only the headlines will think that Israel has set out to occupy all of Jordan, which, by the way, it does not need at all, not all, nor any part of it.
Are you intentionally doing everything to forever remain a yellow press?


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