Change of leadership of UAC


UAC President dismissed from his post ahead of time

President of the United Aircraft Company (UAC), was removed from his post.

As it became known, Mikhail Pogosyan was detached from his post because in the course of the inspection the Prosecutor General's Office found violations and shortcomings related to understating the budget, numerous modifications of planes, etc. Despite this, Mikhail Pogosyan was transferred to another position - the general designer, and his presidential seat will be occupied by Yuri Slyusar.

Among other things, it also became known that the issue of changing the president of the UAC was discussed for almost a year, but in view of the fact that the problems were not resolved, a decision was made to remove Mikhail Pogosyan from his current post ahead of schedule.

I think many will breathe a sigh of relief. Out of dominion Pogosyana.Konets pogosyanovschine.