Bomber Su-24M


When a bomber crashes in the Khabarovsk Territory, two people died

In the Khabarovsk region crashed bomber Sioux 24M.

Plane crash involving a Russian bomber occurred while attempting to perform the training flight near the military airport Khurba, at the same time as it became known news agency, both crew members were killed.

According to available data, the aircraft carried on its board a full ammunition, but official sources did not specify whether the detonation of the bomb kit occurred at the same time or not. The reasons for the crash of the aircraft remain unknown - according to the first assumptions, during the flight, the electronics of a combat aircraft could fail. In addition, there is also an unknown reason why the pilots did not eject - according to experts, the pilot tried to land the aircraft in an emergency

At the moment, experts at the crash site, while they claim work-Su 24M temporarily, on the territory of the country completely stopped the flights of bombers to ascertain all the circumstances.

It should be clarified that a similar situation occurred in February this year - Su-24 plane crashed in the Volgograd region as a result of which also killed two people.