Crash of Boeing in Rostov


The cause of the crash Boeing 737 Rostov could be a quarrel crew

The cause of the crash in Rostov-on-Don could become raskoordinirovannye crew actions.

Investigators, has been studying the causes of the plane crash at the airport of Rostov-on-Don, did not rule out the probability that the cause of the crash a passenger airliner Boeing 737-800 could be a quarrel between the pilots. Because of the disparate actions, aircraft control was labored, and that is why the aircraft could climb initially, then fell into a steep dive and crashed into the ground.

In some sources contain information about the fact that such data were obtained after the decoding of the flight recorders, however, formally similar to the news at the moment are not commented, and therefore should not rely on them to 100% confidence.

Why repeat this garbage for the "mainstream media"?
What nafig "quarrel"?
They did not understand what was happening - hence the lack of coordination.
Soon, damn it, write "crew fight."
A thank you must be said Boeing.
100% Kazan repetition.
Rosaviation ass twists - that all crew knocked on, the signature withdraw, claiming control malfunction, and then refuse to perform the IAC decision to revoke the certificate type (Kazan).
Here you have another case with 100% "coincidence".
But now, the crew did not rossiyskits and Rosaviation shamelessly already will write on the crew.
And Bobby will continue to drive the carriages in catastrophic situations and ruin Paxil.
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