Iron Dome System


ABM did not work: 70 missiles hit Israel

The Israeli missile defense system intercepted only 16% of the missiles launched in the country.

On the eve of the evening, Palestinian radicals fired 70 missiles through Israel, most of which broke through the air defense. Israeli missile defense systems managed to intercept only 11 missiles, however, according to experts, this demonstrated the complete lack of readiness of Israel to reflect external military threats.

More recently, it was reported that the Israeli system "Iron Dome", combining the capabilities of air defense and missile defense, is considered one of the most effective in the world, however, on the night of 8 August, it demonstrated an extremely low potential, reflecting less than 16% of all attacks from the Gaza Strip. Despite the fact that most of the missiles produced by Palestinians fell far from settlements, the incapacity of the Israeli "Iron Dome" was called phenomenal.

"The Israeli" Iron Dome "hit only 11 of 70 missiles, which indicates the inability of this system to withstand massive attacks. Of course, all the missiles that were fired were uncontrollable, and therefore most of them fell in unoccupied terrain, however, in case of a real shelling of Israeli territory, for example, in case of a massive air raid, there would not be a stone on the stones from the big cities of this country ", - the military expert comments.

Ты благодаря жидяркам живешь. Конечно Израиль можно уничтожить, но Израиль отомстит без труда унитожив с десяток крупных городов в Любой стране. Так что тебе только остается выплескивать свое на этих сайтах.

Азербайджану не говорите об этом )) . Они купили ее противовес искандерам

ПРО "Патриот" уже не патриот

Типа вывернулся,жидярка?Да нет,просто зонтик ваш дерьмо,а единственное что в нём хорошое это ваши вопли о том что он лучший.У амеров те же "не превзайдённые" технологии.Хотя какая разница между жидами и амерами

Ты бедный да???

Разница есть-своя страна, дружественная,чужая...

там армия как дикари но строят из себя что обсраться можно

это то же,что бомбят Донбасс- одинаково больно.

А мне не интересны такие новости, так как это далеко от нас. Мне интересны новости про пенсионный реформу и бедность в стране

А мне не интересно это, так как это далеко от нас. Если воюют, то это их личное дело. А нам такие новости не нужны. Надо писать про пенсионный реформу и бедность у нас.

Видимо эмигранты из бывшего СССР железный купол втихаря попилили и в скупку металла снесли..

You are right

Надо же не попали потому что не хотели знаеш почему политика понимаеш ли все время мимо бить даже неупрааляемую ракету можно напрвить точно в цель если захотеть .

Ты прав Сергей. Но палестинских детей никто за детей не считает почему то.

Железный Пукал что-то оч плохо работает, состарился видать, песок уже сыплектся сзади.

Ага, особенно когда они решили сбить сирийские ракеты, которые вообще не летели в сторону Израиля!

А когда жиды бомбят то можно.там тоже ДЕТИ ((((

Уроды !!! Там же дети ! Тут не систему обсуждать надо , а о людях подумать . Каково матери , когда она не знает где детей спрятать ? И какая разница в какой стране эта мать беду встретила !

I adore the propagandists who do not understand how ridiculous they are.
When the US or Israeli air defense missile / missile system missed the missile, even if it fell on a residential or business block, it means it should not be brought down.
When the Russian air defense system missed the missile, let it fall in the desert - the system is useless.

"Kupat Barzel" ("Iron Dome") knocks down targets that threaten clearly. If the Shaytaan trumpet flies into the desert, why should it be knocked down? Anti-missile anti-missile system costs a couple of orders more than iron, which is launched from Gaza. They do not shoot at the sparrows from the cannon. That's the whole answer.

Probably, really threatened missiles were shot down

Instead of a tolerant "ein brear," it would be much more informative to explain the typically Israeli traditions of "hutzpa and gevalt." and how, say, mercifully, will Israel prevent Iranian nuclear missiles, if the area of ​​infection in their application will be a lot of pain for the whole of Israel? shoot yourself in the foot? if not for the support of the United States and the USSR (and now Russia's non-resistance) - Israel would be an unattainable and romantic dream of the Semites. Maybe it's good that Israel exists? But now no one has any illusions about the "beautiful and suffering God-chosen people."

Israel overstates the bar based on the Russophobic pressure of the American Jewish diaspora. In such cases, it is best to take a pause, fog and immit uncertainty.

Russia knows how to get into a dead end any efforts on the problem of the Middle East. In such cases, losses are borne by everyone.

The Jews perfectly understand that their modern army is many times stronger than the army of Assad, which is exhausted by the civil war and was absolutely not on the verge of defeat at all. Therefore, the Jews are so daring and greyhounds. It will take years 10-20 to rebuild the army of Syria, equip it with the latest technology, train military specialists. Only then do Jews quit. Although most likely seeing the strengthening of Assad, they will arrange some kind of provocation and unleash a war.

It is not surprising that Jews are afraid of Iran - Iran is governed. If Iran fights, then from Israeli cities there really will not be any left

You know all the "diseases" on the planet because of whom. It is a pity that the Palestinians did not get to know themselves where.


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