Tank in Syria


"Just crushed by tanks and drove on": clashes between Russian and American military in Syria

Russian tanks solve the problem with arrogant mercenaries from the USA in Syria.

The double clash between the Russian military and the American mercenaries in the Arab Republic received an unexpected effect. So, according to the arguments of the Syrian side, the problem of American roadblocks will be solved with the help of Russian tanks.

The demonstrative obstruction of the Russian military in Syria by the United States received a lot of negative comments from the Syrian military and experts, who stated that, in reality, “Russians do wrong” - Instead of turning around, it was necessary to send several tanks to the American checkpoint that would easily solve the emerging problem.

“They just crushed them with tanks and drove on. US armored cars are powerless against a huge Russian tank "

“One helicopter or tank would be the solution to this problem”

“Russia spoils its reputation by showing weakness in front of a handful of invaders (American military - approx. Ed.). Russian tanks will open these cans "

It should be clarified that over the past day two incidents were recorded in Syria, when American troops simply blocked the path of the Russian military, however, despite the fact that the incidents were positioned by the Syrian media as a clash, real skirmishes were avoided, however, this fact does not solve the problem .

you are not Kazakh, you are Tajik. I know Kazakhs, look at yourself in the mirror. and you only believed in the number 200, although there was "one hundred thousandpits." clowns mlyat.

That's right ... they’ve already thrown more than once. Use as a gandon and thrown out. But Russia has no lesson. Remember Egypt, how he outweighed your komunyak, and what "friends" were - do not spill water.

Already flown in. Not enough memory needs to be refreshed

The most competent answer. The terrorist sect and organized crime group "RF" has the legal status of the incorporated territory of the USA (colony). The quasi-elite "RF" operates under the control of the CIA. Corruptionists and the opposition are funded by the United States. Most pseudo-institutions, pseudo-parties and firms are registered in the supranational TNK-bankrupt "Fed" (USA) belonging to the Rothschild clan precisely as a foreign commercial network. The occupied Soviet population is recognized as incompetent and voluntarily through non-existent loans, taxes, housing and communal services payments, duties, fines and transfers contains the enemy - the NATO countries for the fact that the USSR "lost" in the Cold War.

Let everyone gather, who wants to fight, everyone will fight against everyone, Pindos with us, Arabs with Israel, Iran with Saudi Arabia, Yemen with Libya. The battlefield of Iraq. It's like Chelubey with Relight.

That's right!

It’s a pity you weren’t there - you look, I would fall under the distribution and would not blather here

Hello Eugene! You don’t have to try everyone on your comb. Responsible for your comments. I don’t know how old you are, but if you live in Russia, then at least be a patriot of your country.

Our just need to go, pushing the Pindos to the side, let them try to shoot - then they will.

Well done Americans destroyed 200 Wagnerites in Syria

crush without hesitation ... we are invited, and the Americans are invaders, who seized the territory in Syria!

Oil and the territory of Syria!

you're a fool? From whom do you get money? And what are you doing in Russia? Ride into beloved America with your children and household. You yourself live here and you still have the audacity to push home-grown liberals.

So after all, Napoleon also reproached the Russians for fighting “wrong”

In fact, the Syrian army has enough Russian tanks and nothing prevents them from driving through the accursed invaders. So, Arabs, forward and with the song ... But Russia does not have such tasks yet to fight for you from the USA.

It seems that soon our Syrian friends will throw us.

Paid and turned around .. Reputation of nothing, a big bucks!

Again, nothing but deep concern .... But it would be time for the Pindos to pile on well! To shit in his pants and cried, as it once was when detained by the Iranian military)))))

and America that in Syria forgot?

One man with a grenade launcher in the folds of the terrain will give odds to any tank.

And you, the "rogue" did not try to work, before dissolving the Snot !?

Even with his wife have to argue! When in the 80s in Beirut, terrorists seized hostages and killed one of the employees of the SREVET EMBASSY, the well-known TERRORIS-ARAB received a parcel from our guys with the EGGS of his close relative! An embassy worker was “planted” with unspoken apologies! In Guinea, the police captured our fishermen at the same time and arrested the seiner, after a massacre of NEGRAM robbed SAYNER, while the guys celebrated "Fisherman's Day"! Negotiations at the level of EMBASSIES- to no avail! In the morning, the BDK moored at the port - a large landing ship! Guys fishermen with an apology were released! Even now, the best "negotiator" RUSSIAN NPS, surfaced in the port, any SRANI, the best argument in the negotiations! US - RATH!

... in the event of a conflict, our tanks will flatten everyone, if necessary, especially such photographers who are pulling out from under the baseboard ...


you may continue, but not by us.

And what after changing the constitution do you think that they will steer from behind a hill? only then will there be no one to ask at all.

Syrians are massively deserting to Germany ..

In the states, a good half of our rulers have children and housing, as well as our reserve fund. Fuck we will conflict with America. Our country is sold out, that they want something with us and will do without any war.

Well, the Russian Federation invited the Syrian government there. But what are the Pindos doing ???

The problem is in the power of Russia, it serves the USA!

Usually it is not the checkpoint that stops, but the "do not sharpen" command.

And what did the Pindos "forget" there? Legal authorities invited Russia there. But your friends, what are they doing there?

intelligence was. you know what it is. and what is in vain in s .... to climb, it is better to get around and gain a foothold by blocking everything and everything.

ok I support too ... We will help there later. Let them learn ... to defend their homeland


Yes, in reality, Russia is losing all the good demonstrated in Syria. Obviously amers will soon return here ISIS or something like that.

Americans are not enemies; they are gendarmes employed by Israel to achieve their Zionist aspirations.

What about not poking your nose where the dog is ....? Have you forgotten in Syria?

The namesake you are right, even to the right. And that they themselves would go and take and crush themselves than hide behind Russia! A little that Russia help. When they will defend themselves. Of course, it's better to throw poop from around the corner.

Therefore, over the military leadership and put the civilian authorities. The military is too impudent, they will begin to kill each other. And civilians, as always, will come back and there will be no war.

The Syrians are already fucked up, they don’t want to fight

Russia is a US colony, according to our constitution. So Putin is now pushing the wheel of constitutional change


Like the Afghans, we’ll build everything for them, and they will betray a thump with Pindos for American rubles !!!

Here, Vasily correctly noted that Amer is friends of the WAY and there his daughters and HE will not use force against Amers in Syria, even when they kill our military. And our military is there for the LADDL, well, let them be there ... But the amers will not give them the oil.

What patrol of border areas by the Military Police of the Russian Federation, the wells are guarded by PMCs and ours are not fulfilling their obligations ... are not decisive and spineless bordering on cowardice ... examples are no longer single ... or should Wagner understand everything?

Weak Americans. These are not demonstrators in Moscow. Call to Rosgvardia to Syria, they will quickly destroy

If we can’t. What are we doing there?

Again Vladimir Vladimirovich outplayed everyone

Either you swear, or you swear. I think that our technology can solve the question of who is in charge in Syria.


Who are the "American Mercenaries"?

Crush this evil with a jackal from the hole of the VSA!

Well, tell us the little sofa is not a sofa

And guys fell asleep ...

Look, just don’t burst from the strain, otherwise you will spray everyone.

Nemchura with the French and Swedes and almost the whole west also hoped to show us where the crayfish hibernate, so hope so do not blunder yourself.

Have you been there and personally seen? yap and not a photographer.

Where does such confidence come from, who are you?

Well, you villain our country is called by that name.

enchanting idiot in more detail, tell a story about which Pindosna herself is already laughing) about Wagner’s defeat) with evidence in the form of frames from the game))

of course the small intestine will not go against them

Aha will change diapers and again poke in his pants.

Why are the Syrians dissatisfied with the Russians? Insolent in their statements. They would take and crush the Americans on their own. Provocateurs however.

What internationalists?

Nothing new, actually)

aren't pendoses your masters? you stand in front of them with cancer

Have you been there and saw with your own eyes what is happening there? Or are you screaming for enemies? Make an appointment as a volunteer and go to the front line.


But you yourself have ever fought, Putin has proven from experience that he understands the strategy of war, and not for you to teach him.

And where did you get the idea that Amers broke PMCs? Did the US State Department tell you?

And if Putin unleashes a war, will you personally go to war, or will you be sitting on the couch giving advice on how to defeat the enemy?

you are beyond your seashell and can not imagine what is happening in the world.

You’ll need to send the flag in your hands and forward such clever people for a week there. You probably don’t know which end you need to aim from the machine gun.

And why do you care about the daughters of our president. Do you want to get married?

it is written somehow confused! American troops or American mercenaries? Or some Cheka?

Vietnam showed it

It surprises me why not to set a trap for these arrogant Americans and not to capture them, so that later Victor Bout ... bargain ?!

Let the Syrians provide a passage on their own land.
And then they only pull a helping hand to eat poor Russians and that would fight for them

And who are the Syrians? Flock of sheep? Why should Russians free their land? Let them learn from the Vietnamese how to defend their homeland.

where do you know? the pan clearly bothers you. you will see that the problem will soon be solved with the help of tanks or helicopters.

And then we went on an excursion to Berlin. Troll, you just get out of orbit and don't smoke

Have you ever had the thought that the amers of the Chevkashnikov were also hollowed out even though they didn’t talk about this? I’m sure that they won’t say such a thing, but they started up about the Wagner precisely because of the elections, but I’m sure that we also have something to give to the Pindos, but they all always and everywhere secret and nobody will know about it

We are guests in Syria. Pindos the same way. The owners of the Syrians. Let them go on their land wherever and whenever they want. We can only help them if they formally ask.

How simple, crushed and all. It does not happen, the consequences will not be predictable. Who needs this?

The inefficiency of using tanks in such "conflicts" has been proven back in Afghanistan.

Sofa fighters! You are always on top! Loyally defend the interests of the United States. However, popular wisdom says: "Fear not responding to your blow." Do not confuse restraint with cowardice. Do you want blood?

Everyone imagines himself a strategist, seeing the battle from the side. Did you even serve in the army? Advisers ...

not tryndi, sickly .. First of all, Putin’s daughters live and work in Russia, and secondly, Putin’s “masters” cannot be by definition. After 10 years, the Merikos did not catch up with Russia in terms of the quality of their weapons, bearing in mind hypersound, and in our country they are already on alert.

Stupidity, our police must crush amer tanks, you served in the army. Where did the police who patrol the tanks come from?

Whoever yapping from the couch, Rusich, who probably mowed from the army.

Tanks yes, they can handle it. only in front of the tanks should Syrian police officers with batons and Syrian migration officials approach the checkpoint. It is necessary to check passports, visas, maybe someone has a Syrian residence permit. Whoever has nothing, put on handcuffs and take them to the right place. Well, if they start to resist or shoot from rifles, then the time will come for the tanks to intervene, because there is an agreement on the protection of Syrian officials.
Well, whoever blows someone there, you yourself understand, the Americans will certainly demolish, if there is at least some kind of confidence that it will work out. But practice is such that they scoop up if there is a threat of losing at least 15% of the personnel. Everything that we still had in Syria was done by the hands of the barmalei, for which they were immediately bent off. I don’t think that the Americans, because of some PMCs, would want to take the Caliber’s strike from the Caspian. If they arrive, it will turn out more precisely, more and with less loss than Iran.

And many people want to do this with the wrong hands, that is, us Russians.

You are stupid, amers are now not enemies by definition to us, so why make them enemies now and fight them. There is a focal point, there, and without you, they will be raided as it should. So eat popcorn and don’t give silly tips.

Enough to carry heresy, you were not there and do not know what is going on there. And if you wanted to fight, then knock on the keys here. Sofa warrior.

So many smart people. Crush is not a problem, but which of you will go to war later? In the trenches?

This is such a strategy. Geopolitics, it’s like a game of chess, here you need to think and calculate the moves 10 steps forward.

How many foreign "very honest media" tried to find Putin's gold abroad, but never found. So, if they had found at least 2 rubles abroad, they would have raised such a stink about Putin’s billions.

Well done, I agree 100%.

And never do. Even if the Yankees shoot the military of Russia.

In any military conflict, amers without any problems will level the rashka to the ground and the enchanting riot of PMC Wagner is an excellent example ...)

Do Americans have mercenaries there, but we have contract soldiers and volunteers who are carrying out international duties?

in Syria we are preparing a tourist destination as in Egypt ..

How Putin will go against his masters. Because his little daughter and the currency is somewhere in the west

In this case, it is not necessary to create situations when they are deployed and kicked in the ass. This is a loss of face and a demonstration of powerlessness.

In this case, it is not necessary to create situations when they are deployed and kicked in the ass. This is a loss of face and a demonstration of powerlessness.

Judging by the intensification of provocations under the Americans, the earth is burning. The question is where? In what area?

War is war, and it is necessary to destroy the enemies that have blocked the road and everything will be fine, Pindos will mumble something and that’s all, and so they will become impudent and swearing, this is in their concept "America is the main thing and everyone should submit to America" ​​And no third they will be cowards.

Just like that, Gozman always answers for any reason .. And who is Gozman is well known to everyone ..

And there is!
"Each vegetable has its own time"
Kozma Prutkov

I agree with the Syrians, the Yankees pull the tiger by the mustache, and the tiger does not even growl. We must drive through them with tanks, the third world war will not begin, but the impudent Yankees will not become more on the way of our military.

Ornul both from the article and some comments. If you believe that the Syrians want the Russian tanks to crush the Americans, then this is the setup of the setup of the Russian brothers. Are you already funny? From what from the article or from the situation?

Do it right. We are there to fight ISIS. And the Syrians do not need to hide behind the Russians. Let them crush themselves with their tanks. Not our task

Americans on Syrian Land: Syria must remove Americans from their country

I would very much like to put in a tank that will "crush" but in fact will kindle the fire of the advisers' war and see which of them sits down to fulfill their couch tips!

From the point of view of the Syrians, everything is correct. They would like to drive the Americans out of Syria by the hands of Russians. And they would really like the Russians to engage in ground battles or declare war on the United States

It is good that the leadership understands and does not go on a provocation, they often provoke you for what to lead into a trap. But the Syrian military, let each other be taught, and so all prosrali ran like rabbits, and now I provoke a conflict.

And what are we doing in Syria, is everything done in Russia or something?

A provocative article, Russian troops are officially located in Syria (at the invitation of the Syrian side), to fight terrorist organizations. And an open confrontation with American units involves a completely different level of action, which I think our military has no order yet.

Send temporary comrade Yunus-Bek Yevkurov there.

Russia does not fight on the side of Syria. Russia does not have a treaty of alliance with Syria. Russia helps the Syrian government in the fight against terrorists, and Syria did not declare war on the United States! Or should Russia start a war with the States? This is not necessary for Russia.

Cotton fools get richer in thought.

That's it! What are your Americans doing there? Yankees home ... and then they’ll go in zinc!

And what about the Syrian heroes do not crush the Americans? are they looking for fools with the famous oriental cunning? you would go there ....

The main thing is to solve strategic tasks. And do not listen to domestic couch heroes and valiant Syrians who are ready to fight the American military until the last Russian soldier ...

Sofa experts, go serve for the good of the motherland, show how it is necessary, what to write in the comments. Probably they didn’t even hold weapons in their hands, you can only write.

already sang like that, and then draped to Moscow

This is an order from the Kremlin. They themselves will also shoot down initiative commanders, as in the Donbas!

Crush tanks?
And then what?
Does anyone imagine the difference between a district patrol operation and a military operation to suppress a limited contingent of NATO?
These are different operations.
Requiring different training and involvement of a different number of military units and means.

everybody wants with the wrong hands

You can’t push ..... And so I want!

I WILL BEATING FOR MOTHERLAND TO DEATH (BUT NOT FOR PUTIN) RUSSIA was spoiled by Gastors We are Scythians a hospitable people but also a vindictive

It’s high time to send a couple of tanks there and all problems will be solved, the United States will run so that the heels light up.

The Syrians would only grind their tongues ... They themselves can’t do anything at all. Of course we can crush tanks (if there are mercenaries). And if the current American soldiers? Crushing a mercenary is one thing. And crushing an American soldier is a military conflict (albeit a local one). And then our soldiers, the American soldiers from a grenade launcher will explode - this is a real conflict between the two armies with nuclear weapons. By the way, Syria is closer to us than America. Who will get nuclear fallout from explosions faster?

Yeah, crush, and then Lukoil’s guard will come and drive everyone out into the desert ...

But did tanks end in Syria, or tankers?

Yeah, crush them at least one post, squeal and squeal will be ...

Push clearly

so you can fade them from a distance, not a problem.

Indeed, it is a shame for the power. Some Pindos, which no one has called to Syria, block the path of the legitimate Russian troops! You just had to "not notice" them and move on. Then Shoigu would apologize, but then.

There are FAB-500 against javelins and stingers ...

The same as the Americans, only officially.

go and crush ...

let them go and show how to ...

In general, all the American military in Syria and Iraq - to destroy

I do not believe in these fairy tales about blocking roads in front of the Russian military going to their base. Someone here is deliberately lying to raise unhealthy patriotism.

I hope America will soon show these Russians where the crayfish hibernate.

what if amers then impose sanctions against the Russian elite and bureaucrats and goodbye to all stolen goods

Protect the private interests of factory owners. Not at all candlesticks.
Have you thought that you and I are defending your interests?

ashamed of sun


Best in the world of aviation