Flashmob launched against Aeroflot in favor of protecting dead animals

Aeroflot Airlines was criticized because of the death of animals and intentions to pay for them as lost baggage.

A few days ago there was scandalous information that when executed by a domestic air carrier "Aeroflot" flight from New York to Sofia was allowed the death of several animals. The airline confirmed the death of pets, however, offered to pay the owner the death of cats at the price of lost luggage.

“On January 24, passenger Maxim Chumachenko spoke about his two cats that died on board the Aeroflot airline's New York-Sofia flight. The third cat survived, but got frostbite. He handed over all the animals to the luggage compartment, because it was required by the rules of the company. One cat died right on the plane, the second - already on the veterinarian’s desk. The results of the examination should be published on January 27, but, according to Chumachenko, during a transplant in Moscow, another passenger saw cats “being thrown at unloading”. At the airport, he received broken carry-ons; one was even tied with a rope so that it would not fall apart. Aeroflot confirmed the incident, but blamed the Sheremetyevo Handling company, which disassembles all the carrier’s baggage, ”- TJopurnal reports.

Against the background of the actions of the air carrier, the social networks launched a large-scale campaign against the largest domestic air operator, while calls are also made to boycott the carrier

Those who developed and approved the rules of the company for the transportation of animals must themselves be carried in the luggage compartment, so that they fully feel the beauty of the services of their airline.

Love for animals is "unlimited" to such an extent that THEM is turned on, then abandoned, and screeched about the abandoned. I think this is insanity, and flights from continent to continent with the "favorites" of MARASMATISM.


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