Failure tests of the SSJ-100 in 2020: it was impossible to evacuate from a burning plane

It turned out to be impossible to evacuate from the Russian Superjet.

Tests carried out in February 2020 to evacuate passengers from the legendary exercises of the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 airliner were completely failed - when the back door of the aircraft was opened, the ramp could not turn in the set position, which in the event of a real fire on board the aircraft or its emergency landing, did not would allow passengers to leave the plane through the back door.

“During the check for the release of emergency inflatable ramps, only one correctly opened, two more came upside down, and one broke. Lukashevich recalled that, according to the current aviation regulations, evacuation from an airplane with more than 44 passenger seats should be stacked in 90 seconds, which is “impossible with faulty emergency ramps”. Lukashevich urged to revoke the certificate of the aircraft to fix the defects of emergency inflatable ramps "- приводит information publication "".

The information on this subject was partially confirmed by the representatives of the SCA, who were outraged by the publication of the corresponding video.

“We plan to apply to law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor's office with a request to determine the source of the video, the circumstances of the shooting and its distribution. It’s necessary to find out on what basis unidentified persons on board the aircraft provoked the release of an inflatable ramp and why the device did not work correctly ”- report in the "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft."

It should be clarified that in 2019, during the crash of the SSJ-100 passenger plane at Sheremetyevo Airport, the crew failed to evacuate passengers through the back door.

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