Fighter F-35


American F-35A guns can not hit the target

The F-35A fighter has a true centering for the guns.

The report of the Office of the Director of Operational Testing and Evaluation (DOT & E) for 2018 for the year, published on January 31, has information that is not pleasant for the US military. It is about the accuracy of small arms available on the F-35A. It does not comply with the contract specification. As the Pentagon’s chief weapon tester states, the existing flaws were identified in the 2017 year, but they have not yet been corrected. The results of the tests performed in September 2018, he calls unacceptable.

In the study of gun mounts on the American fighter, distortions were revealed, which lead to inaccuracies of the muzzle alignment. For this reason, the true centering of the guns in the F-35A is not exactly established. Aircraft test pilots warn that rifle systems do not work properly in air-to-air mode. Investigations into the results of failures have not yet been completed.

This is a built-in 25-millimeter gun, which is equipped with F-35A - the main and most popular version of this aircraft. This gun is built into the body of the fighter and covered with special curtains, which increases the level of stealth.

The DOT & E report has another unpleasant detail. This concerns the operational readiness of the aircraft delivered to the US military. It turns out that this indicator is only 60 percent. The report stresses that the past years have not brought significant changes. The readiness in 80 percent is not achieved.

The document also states that the level of reliability and maintainability is far from the intermediate goals that are necessary to achieve the final requirement.