Putin and Abe


Putin is discussing the transfer of the Kuril Islands to Japan?

The Prime Minister of Japan and the President of Russia discussed the fate of the Kuril Islands.

As part of the 23 round of talks held in Singapore by Japanese Prime Minister Shizo Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin, “The parties agreed to intensify the Russian-Japanese peace treaty negotiations based on the 1956 declaration of the year”. Against this background, analysts expressed concern that Vladimir Putin could agree with Japan on the signing of relevant documents and return part of the Kuril Islands to the composition of the territory of this country.

“The 9 article (of this) document, the Soviet government agreed to transfer to Japan the island of Shikotan and a number of small uninhabited islands of the Lesser Kuril Ridge (in Japan they are called Habomai), with the condition that their actual transfer of control to Japan will be made after the conclusion of a peace treaty. The declaration was ratified by both states 8 December 1956 year. However, in response to the conclusion of the Japanese-American Security Treaty of the USSR in 1960, the USSR canceled its obligations to transfer the islands. In a memorandum from the Soviet government on January 27, 1960 of the year states that these islands will be transferred to Japan only if all foreign troops withdraw from its territory, - notes the TASS edition.

In fact, Russia has no obligations to Japan. Even if the agreement between the two countries will be signed, however, experts continue to express concerns.

To date, to protect its sovereignty and state borders, Russia was forced to strengthen the security of the Kuril Islands, which Japan considers neutral by deploying combat aircraft, air defense facilities, as well as anti-ship complexes.

It should be clarified that earlier Japan made a number of statements regarding Russia, including threatening to resolve this issue at the political and military level, which only worsened relations between the two countries.

Specialists at Avia.pro resource, in turn, note that the likelihood that Vladimir Putin will indeed transfer the islands of the Kuril Group to Japan is extremely small.

“Russia is now under heavy pressure from the West, and if a new threat appears at the eastern borders, the problem will become very serious. Most likely, Vladimir Putin will only offer Japan to improve bilateral relations, but no more than that. ”, - the analyst notes.

The Japanese will try to eliminate those who pass the islands to the Japanese because witnesses are unnecessary. They know that the transfer will be wrong and fire can flare up, that is, the fire will hide everything and eliminate it there.
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