Syria missile launch


Putin accused Turkey of not observing Syria accords

The Russian president commented on Turkey’s invasion of Syria, blaming Ankara for the deaths of the Turkish military.

Against the background of harsh statements from Turkey that Russian aircraft bombed nearly a hundred Turkish military personnel, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a harsh answer to the Turkish leadership, stressing that in reality, Ankara was to blame for not fulfilling a single point on Syria on arrangements with Russia.

Following the meeting, the following statements were made:

  • observation posts of the Turkish military were supposed to prevent aggression of militants against the military facilities of the Russian Federation, but failed to do this - a significant part of the terrorists are outside their control;
  • the Russian side has done everything necessary to ensure the safety of Turkish troops during the offensive of the SAR army on militants;
  • not a single Turkish military at these posts was not only injured, but was not endangered, tragic cases of their death occurred in the places of terrorist offensive operations;
  • there should not be a Turkish military in the Idlib zone outside the observation posts, and Ankara did not report their presence in other places;
  • the Russian interdepartmental task force remains in Ankara, continues negotiations with Turkish colleagues;
  • Russia hopes that the Turkish authorities will ensure the security of Russian overseas agencies and citizens in Turkey.

, - quotes information "Military observer" with reference to "RIA Novosti."

It should be clarified that in reality, Turkey did not comply with a single point on agreements with Russia on the situation in Idlib, which, obviously, forced Russia to act extremely harshly.

Correction: not in Syria, but in Libya.


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