Benjamin Netanyahu


Putin did not want to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

The Kremlin canceled Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to the Israeli television channel Kan-11, the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, previously scheduled for November 11, was canceled. According to the data that has appeared, the Kremlin deliberately canceled the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu after Israel’s provocative statements against Russia, a number of which can be regarded as an open threat.

According to experts, Israel has once again tried to hold talks with the Russian president over the supply of C-300 Favorit anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria, however, the Russian authorities stressed that this topic is closed, especially after the Israeli side refused to admit his guilt in the destruction of the Russian electronic intelligence aircraft IL-20, and also declared its readiness to continue striking Syria despite the protests of Russia.

Moreover, Israel continues to assert that it continues to strike at the Arab Republic even with the appearance of C-300 Favorit complexes in Syria, which allegedly beats Russia’s pride.

“Against the background of the crisis in relations with Russia after the incident with the plane, Israel again attacked targets in Syria. And, as we understand, Russia is very unhappy that the information about these Israeli actions in Syria was made public. ”- Israeli television channel reports.

It should be clarified that the Russian side did not comment on this information.


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Michael, what about all the Medvedev relatives to justify re Netanyahu will be?

Mikhail, what about the whole Medvedev family will be justified before Netanyahu?

The Turks shot down the plane and they "bent". But Israel shot down the plane and we are negotiating with them. Conclusion The Jewish diaspora in Russia is in the government. So who is the superpower Russia or Israel. That is the question.

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Well, probably enough for the Russian leadership to chew snot! We must follow the example of the leadership of the USSR, which did not stand on ceremony with the Israeli military. They got exactly what they wanted. Drowned destroyer with the whole crew, downed phantoms, etc. It’s time for Russia to show who is who!))) Just deprive the orientation, communications and computer software a couple of second F 16, and better F 35, it is even better to burn out their computer onboard software and let them fall like overripe pears!) )) Then it will probably become more accommodating!)))