Владимир Путин


Putin demanded the development of new missiles and aircraft

Vladimir Putin said the need to develop new types of weapons.

Despite the fact that in recent years, Russia has moved far ahead in terms of developing modern weapons systems, becoming the first country in the world to adopt hypersonic weapons (Dagger, Avangard, Sarmat complexes) that developed ultra-long-range air defense systems (S-500 "Prometheus") and engaged in the development of a sixth generation fighter, the President of the Russian Federation demanded to strengthen the development of modern types of weapons.

"Meanwhile, it is important for us to move on and start planning the development and production of promising weapons and equipment for the future, which will determine the appearance of the Russian Armed Forces for the long term, for the coming decades", - said Vladimir Putin.

According to experts, the most promising for today are the means of combat aviation and unique complexes that ensure the rapid suppression of the enemy in any part of the globe, in particular, the Avangard complex, capable of moving a few thousand kilometers at a speed of the order of 25 thousand km / h, and a supersonic missile equipped with a nuclear engine that can stay in the Earth's orbit for a long time and strike at any corner of the globe.

Military analysts do not exclude that in the near future weapons of war may be produced in Russia and missiles capable of disabling the air defense / missile defense system due to radio electronic interference.

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