Start of a rocket


Putin compared the avant-garde hypersonic rocket with the launch of the first satellite

The Russian president compared the creation of the Avangard rocket with the launch of the first satellite.

Vladimir Putin, in his message to the Federal Assembly, said that the development and creation of the Avangard missile system could be comparable only with the launch of the first space satellite - up to this point, this technology has never been used and is innovative.

"Creating a hypersonic planning block" Avangard "is comparable in importance with the launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth", - said Vladimir Putin.

Experts, in turn, support the statement made by the Russian president, drawing attention to the fact that with the advent of hypersonic weapons in Russia, and we are talking about several types of missiles, most of the world began to develop their own hypersonic missiles, in particular, we are talking about China, India, Israel, France, USA and other countries.

According to the Russian leader, the appearance of the Avangard missile system is an effective response to the US actions to build missile defense systems around Russia, which can be simply swept away, while the Avangard missile system itself is expected to be adopted by the end of this year.