Putin approved the nuclear policy of Russia

Vladimir Putin approved the state nuclear safety program of Russia.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the development of state policy in the field of nuclear safety. Over the next three months, the government will have to develop a plan for the implementation of the main provisions of the document, ensuring its development before 2025.

As follows from the document signed by the Russian leader, the state policy in the field of nuclear and radiation safety involves the development of measures to ensure the national interests of the Russian Federation aimed at protecting Russian citizens and the environment. Given the fact that we are talking about a comprehensive set of measures, analysts do not exclude that the presidential decree provides for building up military capabilities aimed primarily at ensuring the country's security, including the development and implementation of existing weapons, including complexes like "Dagger", Avangard, Petrel, Prometheus, etc.

Today, Russia's arsenal consists of advanced means, which are mainly defensive in nature, while being considered effective. However, in the event of any military conflict, Russia is ready to use modern strike weapons, including the hypersonic weapon, which is already in service with the Russian army.

Earlier in Washington, statements were made about the US intention to withdraw from the treaty with Russia on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (START-III), which is due to the discovery of certain violations of the provisions of the stipulated treaty by the Russian Federation.