Владимир Путин


Putin turned Netanyahu with claims on Syria?

The meeting between Putin and Netanyahu may not take place.

Despite statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about his intention to meet with Vladimir Putin and discuss further cooperation between the two countries on Syria, there is no information about the planned meeting either from Russia or from Israel. According to analysts, the reason for everything could be the unwillingness of the Russian president to meet with Netanyahu, who actively criticized Russia for supplying the C-300 Favorite C-XNUMX to Syria, which allegedly created additional tension in the region.

“Netanyahu announced his intention to meet with Vladimir Putin, but to date, the date of the scheduled meeting has not appeared. It can be assumed that Putin simply dismissed Netanyahu, making it clear that the delivery of the C-300 Favorit C-XNUMX in service to the Syrian army is the final decision and cannot be discussed further, - the expert Avia.pro believes.

Earlier, Israel made a sharp statement that it was ready to destroy modern air defense systems that appeared in Syria’s armaments, using fifth-generation fighters for this, but Russia confirmed the fact that the armed systems of the Arab Republic are likely to detect and destroy even existing Israel's F-35.

I agree with this in many ways. I have nothing against man against the Jews. But if you look at least America and the presidents of the United States, since its inception. The richest Rockefellers, Rodshilds and others, in England. Who was in the destruction of Russia under Yeltsin? See the documentary evidence. It seems that we are one of the states, Israel and the United States))))

Israel digs itself a pit of death I expect in a year already Holland heights will be controlled by Syria

so they met ... the news is outdated ...

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There are certain rules. Israel crossed them, and he broke. Russia gave an adequate answer and all. Everything else you have from the evil one.

They have all agreed. The Jew does not pick out the eyes of a Jew. Example Valtsman, Kolomoisky, Turchinov, Yatsenyuk, Yarosh. It would seem to nail the heels of the Jews and the end of the murder of Russian. Not. Let it be better for thousands of Russians to die than a Jew pederast.

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Dear, insolent, uncovered by an act of aggression against RUSSIA, the Israelis demonstrated to the world the ultimate goal of the Zionist destruction of RUSSIA, which they consider to be the “last bastion of resistance” to their ambitions for world domination. Millions of people’s lives, the blood and suffering of many nations of the planet Earth in endless feudal, 1 and 2 World Wars, the destruction of prosperous states, the “globalization” of the world economy, seemed to have achieved their goal — a unipolar world, led by one state to which they, after many years of hard "work" to debilize the population, delegated "their God’s chosen mission." Many countries do not agree with this, but they are silent "so that there is no mischief." And only the peoples of Orthodox RUSSIA, Iran, China said NO,

This is a difficult question ... and what they thought was clearly counted on fools when, at the request of the Americans, they destroyed the disturbing intelligence. Russian aircraft. Now let pressure on America. for political concessions to Russia

What kind of Israelis are you? Wrote so much ..

And you asked yourself the question - why the hell are we going to get into the fights between the Persians and the Jews? What kind of sacrifices would our victims have if we definitely sided with “our” ally of Iran? For example, when clearing the south (they have already forgotten how this operation took place without a bloody showdown) - from our side and from the side of the Syrians and the same - the Iranians? Just because Putin from the very beginning of the Syrian company - managed to choose very correct tactics and conducted a dialogue with everyone, we could do it with such small forces. The Iranians have set themselves the task of destroying Israel and returning the occupied territories to the Palestinians. Here the Arabs themselves from the Arabian Peninsula long ago spat on it and established more or less normal relations with Israel and are trying to seat the Palestinians at the negotiating table and go to compromises - to settle the age-old enmity and live in peace. But no - there appeared such a hegemon in the face of the Persian state, which, in order to prove to the entire Islamic world - who is the true Muslim - is ready to confront the nuclear state, destroying its nation for the sake of its fanaticism and dragging all the surrounding countries into a nuclear conflict! And we as idiots need to contribute to this? But think ahead for years on 15-20 - what then will Iran have the next most important tasks to advance its hegemony - for example, in the post-Soviet space and how will they be consistent with the interests of Russia? Putin has already tried to calm them down so that they stop creating a springboard for strikes against Israel from Syria, but they don’t think to calm down, and they are going to make a suicide bombing country from Syria for the sake of their insane plans. And we need a peaceful life in Syria, and not endless strikes on its territory, which somehow will not stop until the Iranians are operating there, bringing in rockets from which they fire at Israel. In order for our bases to be safe, we need a strong and peaceful Syria, and not a territory that is constantly bombed due to the fact that someone decided - that he has the right to decide - which country has the right to exist, and which - no! We are so hard to restore the army, the military infrastructure of the Syrians, create its air defense, and these Iranian assholes, we are all smeared. Well, at least they made a pause in their “struggle” with the Jews, until they free the territory from igilovtsev and other trash and restore the armed forces, but if not - these idiots will be losing their temper! The worst thing is that the Persians hide their missiles under their noses (i.e. - under the protection of) Russian objects, and the Jews striking them at attacks create a threat to our people. So in the case of IL-20 - what happened happened. Syrians defending one of these Iranian warehouses - fired a volley with an anti-aircraft missile in the vicinity of our aircraft, in the end - our guys 15 passed away. And you offer us to dance to the tune of the Persians, and they always fulfill their obligations to us? Remember how the work of our pilots from the airfield in Iran ended. It only cost the Americans to put pressure on Iranians (and then the Pindos did not withdraw from the agreement on the nuclear deal) and our allies immediately lost the desire to help us, portraying themselves offended by the fact that they were not the first to tell the world about the presence of a Russian aerodrome territory, although it was no longer a secret to the whole world! We need to soberly understand that every player in Syria has its own interests and we need to act only in our own interests and not expose the security of our country, based on falsely understood allied obligations. We are not there to help Iran - to destroy Israel! These are his problems, and ours are to restore order in Syria and gain a foothold in the Mediterranean, to strengthen our strategic position in the world. Also, we do not need confrontation with any of the countries of this region, and even more so with a nuclear power called Israel! The supply of C-300 is a good sobering signal for the Jews, who have gone too far and have ceased to abide by the rules, but at the same time we also need to more soberly assess the risk that Iran’s strengthening positions in Syria bear. And for the safety of our military - it is necessary to work out some kind of framework that the Iranians should not go over so that the tragedy is similar to the one that happened with IL-20.