Putin and Erdogan


Putin harshly answered Erdogan on the situation in Syria

The Russian president reacted harshly to Erdogan’s actions in Syria.

The occupation activities launched by Turkey in Syria forced the Russian leader to firmly defend the Arab Republic. So, Vladimir Putin said that any negotiations between Russia and Turkey to create a pseudo-caliphate in Syria are completely unacceptable - Turkey is not at home and no one will conduct negotiations with terrorists.

“The Turkish army in Idlib treacherously acts alongside terrorists against government forces. It came to the point that the large-scale offensive of the militants had to be stopped with the help of the Russian Space Forces. And in a recent telephone conversation, Putin expressed "serious concern" - diplomacy is a strong expression - "the ongoing aggressive actions of extremist groups." At the same time, Putin “emphasized”, also not an accidental word to Erdogan - the need for unconditional respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria. ”That is, Erdogan recalled that he is not at home.”- transmit "News of the Week."

By the way, Russia is already reacting very harshly to any Turkish actions in Syria, actively crushing Turkish equipment delivered to militants and terrorists, crowding out the Turkish military and helping the Syrian army to free more and more territories in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo.

In Soviet times, they answered this: -A couple of salvos and there will be a new one!

Completely sick? Who is beating his own? The USSR has invested in Israel like no one else.

Better to fight in a foreign territory, costly, but safer for the population, proven by the United States

then America and Turkey have agreed on something ...

If we are not there, they will be here.

..... the press is filled with messages like Russia hit ... Russia bombed ... all this in order to cover up the complete bankruptcy of Putin's policy in Syria ...

Well, just answered "hard-hard"? or very, very tough? threatened to ban Turkish tomatoes, or promised his own plane to crash again?

Let Constantinople turn.

worse if resorts

then we’ll open, Istanbul has always been a Russian city

I completely agree. So far, friends have supported the national liberation movements for money forever. There is no money, we just forgot. All these fronts are polysario, Libyan Jamahiriya, Ethiopian friends, etc. Friendship is too expensive in both monetary and human terms. And the output is zilch. One appearance of steepness.

Learn the history of the RUSSIAN Navy. ON THE Navy, Cowards DO NOT SERVE.

Syria is the only country in the Middle East that is fighting terrorism. And here is Israel with its attacks. If our leadership supports the Syrian government, what can Israel not put in its place? I do not understand anything!

Possession of modern weapons does not mean the ability to own them. It all depends on experience, and it takes time.

and here stiffness, mumbled again, it’s not understood what

Turks will close the strait in response

Are you sure that the same rake is here? War is here our need - no Qatari gas pipe through Turkey to Europe. In fact, we do not need peace in this long-suffering country; amers in fact have ceased to be shy, they have squeezed out the oil-bearing region and that's all.

I do not like ?

Are you doing provocation?

Created on the UAE money.

It’s not clear, the kings, emperors were transferred. Forgot about Ishmael

Totally agree

You can’t have anything to do with Turkey, they are corrupt creatures. They got a gas pipeline, now they will also blackmail both Russia and those who will supply gas through them.

Run and run from this alien war for the people of Russia. All our lives we step on the rake. They helped for free throughout Africa, Cuba, Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Angola, Egypt. We are everywhere in ... whether money was not given. Is this a lesson for Putin?



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