Domodedovo airport


Drunken passengers of the Moscow Domodedovo airport attacked by police

Domodedovo Airport Passengers attacked police.

According to the resource, the incident took place the day before, and according to official data, a 46-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman, due to drinking too much alcohol, missed their passenger flight to Hong Kong, after which, using various kinds of insults They began to demand that the airline's management provide them free of charge seats on the nearest plane, which they, accordingly, were denied, which ultimately led to a conflict.

To resolve the situation, has arrived on the scene a police officer, and attempts to resolve the conflict situation turned into a fight in which the police have received physical injuries.

Eventually a couple of drunken aviadeboshirov taken to the police station to the minutes, and, it is possible that a similar trick could lead to criminal liability.


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