Interior of passenger aircraft


Drunk Briton tried to get out of a flying plane

Drunk British citizen tried to get out of the aircraft during flight.

As noted by the witnesses of this incident, the man is still in the airport, has used a number of different alcoholic beverages, and when he came on board the aircraft, almost immediately began to demand alcohol in stewards, that his request fulfilled, however, already in flight, the man began to behave very aggressive, yet in the end, he did not say how he intends to abort the flight, and headed for the exit from the aircraft.

An initial attempt to open the door of the aircraft at the man failed, however, when he once again tried to force her to work on the door, it has stopped the passengers and crew.

Subsequently, the man was unable to explain the cause of the act, however, because of the thoughtless behavior he will have to pay a large fine.