Drunken brawl on board the aircraft flight Moscow-Anapa.


Drunken brawl on board the aircraft flight Moscow-Anapa.

7 December 2013. On board the aircraft, which performed the flight Anapa-Moscow, the passenger made a drunken brawl.

According to the flight attendants, a man went too far with alcohol, because of what had behaved just insanity. Members of the crew contacted air traffic controllers Moscow airports - "Sheremetyevo"informing them of a drunken passenger.

Immediately after boarding the aircraft climbed aviation security staff. They sent the offending order to law enforcement authorities.

None of the passengers, flying according to flight, was not injured.

For such passengers must be under special control. They should not disturb other passengers. After all, some of them may be children and the elderly, and the sick lyudi.vse they should be immune from them unnecessary excesses, then all this should be spelled out or in law, or in the insurance, but passengers, must be secure!