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A drunk passenger decided to pass off an air flight with a sex doll

A drunk passenger decided to have fun with a sex doll while flying to Ibiza.

A drunk passenger, performing a flight from Belfast to Ibiza, decided to unpack the sex doll he had purchased, but, for unknown reasons, took advantage of it for a completely different purpose. As follows from the information provided by The Sun, without reacting to the remarks of other citizens on board and completely ignoring crew members, the man began to inflate a sex doll using obscene words and expressions.

"A drunk passenger initially began to behave very aggressively. After he blew a rubber doll, he began to show it to other passengers, offering to pass the time right in flight, but without getting anybody's consent, he just blew it ", - one of the eyewitnesses reports.

The commander of the crew of the aircraft decided to make an emergency landing in France, where a man who violated the rules of air travel was detained by police officers and fined. Representatives of the airline did not comment on the incident, but explained that the man showed unacceptable behavior, and therefore was removed from the flight.

The detained motive of his actions did not explain.

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