Attack on Syria


Five waves of attacks, dozens of cruise missiles: Israel delivered a massive blow to Syria

Israel conducted one of the largest attacks on Syria.

Tonight, the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic was subjected to another daring attack by Israel. According to the presented data, at least four Israeli F-16 fighters took part in 5 waves of attacks, firing at least two dozen missiles in the southern part of Damascus.

At the disposal of the resource there were unique photos of how Israeli planes bombed on the night of 21 in January of 2019, the southern suburb of the Syrian capital. Most of the Israeli missile strikes were reflected by the Syrian air defense systems, in particular, on the presented video frames you can see the interception of the Israeli Dalilah cruise missile, the Pantsir-S complex.

However, it was not without losses from the Syrian military. In particular, representatives of the Israeli Ministry of Defense declare the destruction of several calculations of the Syrian air defense systems, including the case of the Pantsir-S air defense missile system, as evidenced by the video frames.

In total, according to the Israel Defense Forces, at least 10 objects were hit on the territory of Syria, including six Syrian air defense systems, as well as four positions of the Iranian military.

It should be clarified that within the framework of repelling an Israeli strike, Syrian air defense weapons did not attack Israeli fighters, although they were within the radius of destruction of the C-200 and C-300 air defense systems.

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By the end of the summer, he will lose influence in the Arab world. He will betray Assad, will fall under the Jews, and will look. But Assad will save all 2 ally, Iran, and the internal self-defense. The slaughter will be tough ... very much! But they will stand and win! But without our P.V.V. Do not be a freemason to him .... It seems big, but believes the Jews))

And if the Jews are shelled?

Do you really want war? Do you have a good income and you do not mind your pocket to lay out a decent amount of money would a Jew get? The Russians will surely lose from this war. We got used to the truth, to forgive billions of dollars in debt, then, to whom we have forgiven us all, they are smearing us. And in Syria, when everything is over, we will forgive everything. And we will collect our children for treatment from all over the country; there is not enough money for the Syrians.

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And the airfields from which they take off.

It is time, the Syrians, Iskander pass.

Our authorities conveniently hid behind the formula of pragmatism. Business need to conduct. And the Jews - this is a huge potential, for those who didn’t have time for 27 years ago to take someone else’s hands ... Russia is gradually leaving the social country in an incomprehensible form of drafts, today, during the show, the collapse of Russia. One thing amazes me, is not the collapse of the USSR already indicative, and the relationship between the runaway republics? Is it not clear what will happen if, even as part of Russia, Chechnya and Ingushetia, they have gathered to fight. The country will be saved from all this by the liquidation of the republics and the nationalization of everything stolen.

And where is the laudatory sxnumx

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Syria is in a state of war with Israel from 1973. Therefore, from the point of view of law, bombings do not disturb anyone. Our Jews are carefully avoided, because there is no war yet.

Why do not they attack Israel with hundreds of missiles; Vova does not allow only blab bla blamed the sky crap planes to shoot down traitors

Only a blow to Israel can sober up too much politicians

if the Israelis attack from a distance of more than 50 km and fly at extremely low altitudes, C-300 simply will not see them ... We need over-the-horizon detection stations or avaxes.

Syrians are not ready to fight for C-300.And our guys do not want to risk, IMHO, by the spring, I think, they will intercede. They don’t want our Jews to squander for some reason.

If Syria is shot at, it is necessary to respond adequately, and not just passively defend.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu called Utin:
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What about c-300? for beauty stand there? or is it the same myth as Putin's pension reform

The Jews themselves climb into the trap set .. This is just the beginning.

Russia is an ally of Syria or Israel? Why supply C-300 complexes if they do not protect the sky over Damascus and Syria?

Israel has no future

This speaks of the Jewish lobby in the government of Russia.

Our commander in chief does not allow shooting down planes of Israeli friends.

The Syrian military were indignant at the ban by the Russian Defense Ministry to open fire on Israeli aircraft. Only missiles are allowed to shoot down. Not a single plane has been shot down, the attacks will continue.

Wonders why Syrian air defenses did not shoot down Israeli fighters?

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The blows must not be reflected, but applied in a pretentious manner. And shoot down missiles not launched from aircraft, but their carriers.

Actually, Israel, is not much different from Nazi Germany in its foreign policy. In essence, this is a terrorist state. Few people know that it was formed from several Jewish terrorist organizations operating in Palestine. However, the territory of Israel is small and quite appropriate for a massive volley of ground-to-surface missiles produced by Iran, will forever bury this hotbed of instability in the Middle East, which occupies foreign territories and sponsors terrorists, in particular ISIS,

The Syrian air defense did not attack the Israeli fighters, although they were within the radius of destruction of the C-200 and C-300 SAM systems, why ???

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Well, where is the closed sky in Syria ???

Israel is not to blame; it needs to distribute it all over the world.

The most "interesting" will begin after the withdrawal of the US Armed Forces from Smria, but for now Israel is setting up a "tool". Believe me, this is only an admiration for a massive attack on Syria

This is not the Zionists took over from Hitler, this is Hitler from the Zionists took over.

Jewish fascism entered into an undeclared war with the Syrian people, who at the cost of their lives destroy the evil of the world ISIS. As they say, masks are dropped, gentlemen. Now it becomes very clear in whose interests ISIS destroyed the Syrian state. The Jews took over from Hitler ways to conduct an undeclared war.