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Fifth case of the week: US troops again blocked the Russian military. Video

American mercenaries blocked the Russian military.

Due to the lack of appropriate measures against the US military, the latter once again blocked and surrounded a large convoy of Russian military in the province of Hasaka. Judging by the video report from the scene, the blocking of the Russian military column was very expected, however, contrary to this, the Russian military again had to turn around and leave in the opposite direction, which causes serious concern.

On the presented video frames you can see how one of the local media reporters covers the events, in particular, pointing to the fact that the Russian military was again not allowed into the closed area. In addition, according to the journalist, in a conversation with the US military, the latter stated that the main reason for blocking the free movement of the Russian military is the presence of gas and oil fields in the area, and therefore this territory is controlled by the United States.

It should be clarified that over the past week this is the fifth time that the Russian military is openly stopped by American mercenaries. Serious skirmishes have not yet reached a point, however, given the escalating situation, it is logical to assume that conflicts between the military from the United States and Russia are possible in the near future, even despite the fact that the latter are legally here.

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The defeat will be suffered by someone who has not been able to stand the nerves before - who tries to deliver the first blow, thereby opening up.

Our military is only aviation, the rest are mercenaries, so when some mercenaries (Americans) kill other mercenaries (mainly from the Caucasus), what can I say?

That is, even mercenaries already command the Shoigu army.

American mercenaries need to be destroyed ..

Shades: "The Russian military is openly stopped by the American mercenaries or: The Russian military is openly stopped by the American military?


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