Rocket of the Stormy Petrel


Rocket "Petrel" will be one of the slowest cruise missiles

Russian 9М730 “Petrel” will be the slowest cruise missile.

Information about the successful testing of a nuclear power plant of a Russian cruise missile of unlimited flight range “Burevestnik” was confirmed, which indicates that this cruise missile will be tested in the near future. Today, taking into account the performance characteristics, the Russian Petrel is one of the most long-range missiles in history - its flight range is not limited, however, experts pay attention to the fact that this is also the slowest cruise missile.

Despite the fact that the 9М730 “Petrel” rocket is equipped with a nuclear power plant, its flight speed will be only about 250 m / s, i.e. about 900 km \ h. In fact, for missiles of this class, this speed is incredibly low, however, it has its own advantages, expressed primarily in increasing the maneuverability of the missile, in order to bypass the zone of the enemy’s anti-aircraft and anti-missile defenses.

Experts also saw a number of significant shortcomings.

“Given the ability to maneuver, the speed of the rocket is not its key parameter -“ Petrel ”will simply bypass the enemy's defense lines and hit the target. On the other hand, if the rocket gets into the zone where the air defense and missile defense systems are located, for example, installed on ships, knocking it down will not be a problem, which to some extent makes it vulnerable. ”- said in a statement.

However, earlier expert Alexei Leonkov called the main advantage of the Russian 9М730 rocket its 100% approach to the target.

In Tomahawk speed 800 km. hours, and the range 1500 - 2000km. So compare with the Petrel.

For a nuclear warhead "environmental friendliness" is not a significant problem

Everything was right, we were told in the media ... Let the rocket be slow and let their praised missile defense knock it down. Our it will be on hand, with a nuclear engine

In a world war with the United States, ecology is not supposed to be

By that time, when NATO-NATO members are casting hypersonic rockets and nuclear-powered rockets, we will die off their products from GMOs, bites of genetically modified mosquitoes infected with some bacteriological weapons, and other various nastiness, to design which their retarded brains . They have these methods and genes laid. Even their writers, like Mine Reed, described how the Americans distributed blankets to the Indians infected with typhoid, cholera, leprosy, and other similar rubbish. They (Americans, Anglo-Saxons, etc.) should be destroyed by their own methods: starting from the gene level and ending with massive bombardments from space.

Nothing auto industry such a motor fit.

This rocket is unlikely to be effective. It looks like this is a gang of "group of comrades" who breed Putin as they want, on his passion for new military equipment.

Structural material for heating the working environment is limited by heat resistance 3000. in the spent environment short-lived isatopes are formed it is not very environmentally friendly

The speed is due to the most optimal flight mode at subsonic speed (no one will be able to fly for a long time in supersonic sound).
The “omniscient” semi-educated journalists, as always, should have opened a physics textbook at least from a school course for the 8 grade.

KR Tomagavk speed - up to 880 km / h

The most valuable thing in it is really a working nuclear engine, the technologies themselves ...

Given its "stuffing", it will not be willing to shoot it down over its territory or above itself!

There is a goal, there is a trajectory for each action the speed of the rocket is different and 900 km.h is not accurate. Immediately before the target, its speed should be a mine mind 7 sweeps

The author generally thinks what he says? Since when did 900 km / h become a small speed for cruise missiles? Normal speed for such a subsonic arsenal. Only new items have an extra step for supersonic, and then only on the final segment.

You have everything mixed up in your head. And avant-garde and Petrel.

Dya-dya, I, adnaka, tozoy takk think ... adnaka ..

The author wrote a complete nonsense. The principle of operation of a nuclear power plant prohibits physically from flying slowly, since such a plant requires a sufficiently large flow of incoming air flow. In addition, where does this infa about speed? the rocket has never flown, has not been tested. On the other hand, the 900 is the cruising speed for most of the KR.

900km / h is the flagship speed of a passenger plane. With such speeds, this rocket will have to bend around the earth several times to find uncovered tighter zones. Another fake is all pussy propaganda.

This is not for average minds.

To execute 100%, any missile can reach the target (if it reaches the target), but hit the target 100% is the grandmother for two said.

They boasted that they painted so fast that no one would fall, but now that the pioneers will slow down the slowest ones.

Normal speed for a cruise missile. Almost like the "Caliber". At "Caliber" on the march 0,8M. Even slightly higher than the "Tomahawk." It is quite possible that in time there will be supersonic.

In cruise missiles there is a mode of "impatience", which provides for the undermining of a nuclear warhead in the event of a missile interception

Nuclear explosion is a programmable procedure. Nuclear weapons can only be destroyed by external influence.

In the event that a nuclear missile hits the zone where the enemy’s air defense and missile defense systems are deployed, the enemy will not shoot down this missile otherwise he will die from a nuclear explosion.

The speed of a cruise missile tomahawk to 880 km / h (0,5-0,75 M). Then what is the author of the material about?

For cruise missiles normal speed.


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