Start-up of the Vanguard rocket


Missile complex "Avangard" will be adopted in December

The Russian avant-garde hypersonic missile system will be adopted in December.

Despite the fact that only one official launch of the Avangard national hypersonic missile system is known, the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, said that these missiles are ready for combat duty, which will occur in December 2019.

In fact, the December launch of the Avangard hypersonic rocket became the main exam for this rocket complex, proving that the rocket can really reach a tremendous speed in 33 thousand km / h, and hit the targets with a given accuracy, as happened at the Kura proving ground .

It is known that at the moment the infrastructure is being prepared for the deployment of these missile systems - they will be based in the Orenburg region, from where, by the way, the last launch was made.

Among other things, Sergei Shoigu also noted the fact that the “super-weapons”, which the Russian president spoke about a year ago, were already partly taken on combat duty.

“Separate weapons systems are already in operation. All this is absolute reality. And the most important advantage of the newest Russian systems is unattainable efficiency. ”- noted the head of the Ministry of Defense.