Burning object


Reveals the secret of the emergence of "maneuvering combat unit" over the US

The appearance of a maneuvering combat unit over the United States caused panic among citizens.

The web is actively discussing numerous videotapes made from various parts of the US state of California, where you can see how an unknown object enveloped in flames not only moves to the ground, but also maneuvers during the flight.

Assumptions were made that we are talking about the Russian combat maneuvering unit of the Avangard rocket, as well as about the testing of the American hypersonic weapon, similar to the Avangard missile system, which caused panic among ordinary citizens. However, it turned out that neither the first nor the second statements are true.

It turned out that the group of skydivers, who made a jump from an airplane, fixed some kind of false flare on their feet, which created the illusion that the object moving to the ground was a maneuvering meteorite or even an intercontinental missile unit.

As evidence of the above, a video was presented that explained the nature of a previously unknown phenomenon.

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the combat unit does not fly at such a speed, it is clear to anyone except the Americans

For an unpretentious mind, a perfectly valid explanation, ... and even there is a video sequence ☺☺☺

The skydiver would burn the fuck up from as much fire as the first video.